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    Euro Trip Journey Ad [OLD]

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    Euro Trip Journey Ad [OLD]

    Post by MikeyMike on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:11 pm

    Setting is:
    You and I both attend a private school. Every year, this private school, which we will call Wilsted Acadmey, goes on trip to Europe. Being the rebellious kid that I am (ha.. funny Sarcasm ), I attempt to run away. I pack my things one night and make my way away from the hotel that we're staying in and on an adventure of my own. You disagree with my whole idea to run away. You think that we should stay with the group and not wander off. I tell you that I'm not staying any longer and leave anyway. You end up leaving with me and we embark on a wild journey. We only speak a bit of French, Italian or Spanish but not enough to get us very fay. Where will we end up? Will we get caught?

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