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    New Faith: The little Shop Around the Corner

    Faith Wynters
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    Update New Faith: The little Shop Around the Corner

    Post by Faith Wynters on Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:37 pm

    Name: Faith Wynters
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Short, almost Pixie Style. (1)
    Eye Color: Green

    Clothing Style: Faith is very casual with her shop. So her clothing depends on what time of year it is and what’s going on around her. [Will be updated when needed]
    As of now:

    Piercings: Faith doesn’t allow herself to look unappealing to costumers, especially since they are growing thin because of the bookstore they just put in down the street. She has her ears pierced once and her belly button had been pierced.
    Tattoos: a small black hears in between her thumb and her index finger
    Make Up: Faith thinks her eyes go well with purple so no matter what, she’s always got purple eye makeup on [Unless it’s tacky of course and she goes without] (2)

    Personality: Faith is a very bright person most of the time, but with Fox Book moving in just down the street she’s grown unhappy. Faith likes to have fun and can be considered a ‘people’s person’ most of the time. When she’s angry though she has a tendency to get physical which could be bad sometimes.

    History: Faith’s mother was one of strong attributes. Her father died in a car crash when Faith was five and she doesn’t really remember much of him. Of course, her mother, after finding a new husband and staying at home to stay with Faith, She decided to start us her very own bookstore for the neighborhood. Faith, of course, loves to read, being brought up on the stuff. Her mother dies three or four years past and Faith now is seeing the debt of running with the big dogs of NYC.





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