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    Welcome to War

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    Post by Faith Wynters on Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:12 am

    First topic message reminder :

    “These are dark times indeed; People stealing from merchants, heretics speaking their words on the streets, and the church being burned to the ground. What are we to do?”

    This was heard from a citizen of Dellmill, a kingdom in the northern corner of the world. There is so much to do in the large kingdom, but we have been called here for certain things.

    We are to bring order to the kingdom. Making sure there is peace: the only way to keep wars from starting. There are always knights and Dragons, but what happens when we are all called to the castle. A certain group of beings said to be known as peace bringers.

    People of Ackmhin. We are not people from a town, no, but people of an organization. We have powers to bring peace to the land.

    Of Course, some of us are different species, but most are humans. Humans aren’t perfect. They wish for domination, for peace by taking man’s will, they wish to keep all for themselves. They wish for not peace, but the evils of war.

    Some of these people are found from the People of Ackmhin to contain such desire within them. They are called People of Negesyce. These people aren’t to be fooled with. They are just as cunning as the people of Ackmhin, accept they use their powers in different ways. Causing Havoc on the streets and turning the citizens against the People of Ackmhin.

    People of Ackmhin continue to do their jobs, to bring peace. Once a Civil war starts in the kindom of Dellmill it is their job to stop it.

    Are you a person of Ackmhin? A person of Negesyce? Or are you simply a person caught in the cross fire of war?

    Are you up for the challenge of finding out?

    Ackmin: Faith, Estaban [Banather] Alix,

    Negesyce: Tilman [Eljordo],Ognun [Capri], Daniel [Danny]

    Neutral: Arabel [Mercy]

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    Post by Danny on Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:37 pm

    Before long, Daniel got tired of walking. It had gone far enough, farther than he ever needed to go, but far enough that might be of use to him. He had been walking in north, north-west to be specific and since he had been coming from the slums, there was, from his experience, only one place where he could be (assuming he hasn't passed it). He smiled, clapped his hands, and threw them against the ceiling he had created. A blue light filled the corridor as he walked, and there was a large explosion that shot directly above him. Pebbles and bits of rocks fell from the shake, but Daniel deflected them with is metallic hand. The bright light cause Daniel to squint as his eyes adjusted to it as it flooded the lengthy corridor. Daniel smiled. He was exactly where he wanted to be. The first thing he noticed, even before leaving the tunnel was the smell. The fresh, delightful smell that said he wasn't in the slums any more.

    Clapping his hands together once more, he placed them on the ground, which almost immediately shot upwards, carrying Daniel along with him. Daniel flew out of the hole and gently landed on the cleared street. The rich part of town. Always fun. In the distance, Daniel could here the local peace keepers rushing to the sound of the explosion Daniel had caused. Of course Daniel paid almost no attention to it. Whether he was confronted by them or not had almost effect on him.

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    Post by Mercy on Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:16 pm

    Arabel raises an eyebrow, "I see..." She says with a dark grin, "Well... It's a pleasure." She giggles quietly, not really afraid... Being out on the street for most of her life had taught her not to be afraid of much.

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