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    Surviving Holmberg (Final)

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    Done Surviving Holmberg (Final)

    Post by MikeyMike on Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:27 am

    Surviving Holmberg

    Marley was down on one knee, holding onto her board that was pushed down into the sand. Her black and gray suit gripped her body; her right ankle had her board strap tied around it. Her brunette hair tied back into a bun on top of her head. Her eyes glistened green as she watched the wave smack against the damp sand. She stood from her position, pulled her board out of the sand and started jogging towards the cold water. She started to jump run as she got deeper into the water. Once she got deep enough, she threw herself onto her board and started paddling.

    Marley straddled her board when she got deep enough. She rode it over a few small waves, waiting for a good one. The water was cold but it felt only cool against her surf suit covered skin. A wave inched closer to Marley quickly. She paddled closer than scooted onto her knees. She continued to paddle closer until it seemed like the wave was going to engulf her in its saltiness and never spit her out. She stood to her feet and balanced herself out on the waxed board. The wave tried pushing over her but Marley pushed the nose of her board up, pushing through the foam. Marley pushed herself through the waves until it wore her out. She rode waves in until she reached the shore. She checked her phone when she got to the sand; 8:25.

    Marl pulled the zipper on her suit down and pulled the upper half of it off, letting the wet suit fall to her waist. Her hair had fallen from her bun and into her face after it got wet. She wasn’t totally sure if her hair tie was still in her hair or not. Marley put her board wax, her cellphone and her iPod into her book bag. She slung it over her shoulder, picked up her board, slipped her feet into flip flops and walked off the beach. She made her way to her Wrangler to pack up her things and go back home. She got to her light blue Wrangler and pushed her surfboard into the back of her Jeep, just as a few other cars were pulling into the lot. The bright yellow Jeep pulling into the spot next to her honked it horn at her and set out a cat call to Marley. She rolled her eyes and turned around to see one of the guys she knew, Troy, pulling in next to her.

    Marley was often bothered by the surfers for being one of the few female surfers in Holmberg that could beat their asses and embarrass them. Of course most of the girls in the town of Holmberg were surfers but the guys didn’t really have to worry them because they weren’t nearly as good as the boys were, except for Marley and a few of her friends evidently. The guys were intimidated by them. Marley beat Troy out of the championship last year by one spot, getting fourth place and booting Troy out of the competition. It was quite obvious that the guys in town were both astonished and irritated by this. Needless to say that this upped the ante, the guys challenged the girls more and vice versa.

    Marley wasn’t worried and neither was anyone else in her family. Marley was one of the strongest surfers in town and she put up quite the fight when it came to getting herself into first place. Marley could see the masses of people were already making their way to the beach to find themselves a good spot to either watch or sign themselves up for participation. Marley’s father went to sign in as she and her brother found a spot on the sand.

    Marley let her eyes wander the shoreline and the dry land. Marley saw someone heading in her direction. He looked like a lifeguard, possibly coming over to go over some rules and conditions of the day with her. As he neared, Marley could see that it was someone she knew, Landon, the lifeguard, a friend of hers from high school.

    “Hey Land. What’s going on?”
    “Hey Mar. Not much, officially a lifeguard as you can see. I just wanted to come over and wish you good luck.” Marley smiled at him.

    “That’s all you came over here for Landon?” She smirked at him. Marley has had a crush on Landon since she could remember. His light blonde hair, his green eyes, his bright smile, it all kept her smiling and warm inside. She was always her happiest when she was with him, or out in the water. Landon was a fellow surfer, but being that this is his first year as an lifeguard, he had to miss the competition in order to get his training in.

    “You know the drill Mar.” He laughed. “Try to stay within viewing distance of the shore. If the people on shore completely disappear out of your sight, you know you’re probably out too far. Also, try not to go to wide. We had a fishing boat wreck over there just last week. He fell over board and got cut up pretty nasty.” Landon pointed to where the accident was. “Stay inside those walls, and you should be good.”

    “Sure thing, Landon.”
    “Good luck again, Marley. Knock ‘em dead.” Landon jogged off to tell the rest of the surfers the rules.

    As time for the surfers ticked closer, Marley began to get a little more nervous. Her family and fans kept cheering her on, but it was hectic day. They’ve already had four injuries so far and it’s only the second quarter of the event. Surfers were called into the water; Marley grabbed her board and did the same routine she does every morning. She jump ran into the water, once she got deep enough she paddled herself deeper, closer to where the bigger waves hit. Once the wave grew, Marley got to her feet.

    Her mind began racing, and her heart followed right after. Chills were sent up her spine, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She ripped through waves, knocking two contestants off their boards and into the water. She was reigning over the guys, being one of three girls out in the water against four other guys. Marley was sure that she had this in the bag, until Troy came out of nowhere and knocked into her board, sending her into the water. Marley’s leg was tied to her board, and this was not only helpful but just as dangerous. The waves were rough today, and Marley’s board bobbed in and out of the water. She struggled to get to the surface, beating her legs against the water, trying to pull herself up.

    Someone on shore watching noticed the lone board. They called out for help, but it was starting to get a little too late. As Marley kicked to the surface, her board was knocked back by a wave, hitting her in the head and sending her unconscious. Her head cut open and oozed watery blood out of the top of her head. Lifeguards poured into the water to look for the owner of the nameless surfboard. However, lifeguards weren’t the only thing creeping up on Marley. As Marley drifted to a comatose state underwater, the surfers arch nemesis inched its way closer to her.

    Its dorsal fin ripped through the clear water as approximated Marley. Nearly three hundred teeth, made themselves anything but scarce. Landon was in the water, making his way to Marley when he saw it. The 1700lbs beast zigzagged towards Marley, the blood in the water submerging itself into the shark’s nose. Marley’s blood was now in this shark’s volt of smells and tastes. It wanted Marley and it wasn’t going to stop until it got her. Everyone knew better than to mess with a shark but that wasn’t how this was going to end. The water, by now, had turned a musty red color. Those on shore were alert to what was happening, but no one dared to get near the water. Marley’s family stood on shore in tears, yelling out to their daughter and sibling.

    Marley lay lifeless under her board, as it stood up in the water. The Great White made its way to Marley, and with no mercy and started attacking. The pain of the bite instantly woke Marley from her unresponsive state. The shark jabbed its 300 teeth into her leg, fighting to rip it off her body and into its stomach. Marley opened her mouth to scream but couldn’t. She was under water; no one could save her now. Marley pounded on the side of the shark, but it didn’t seem to flinch away even the slightest bit. Marley reached to her ankle and untangled herself from her surf board. Then, Marley remembered what she had to do to get rid of a shark. Marley made a fist with her hand and with all her might; she pushed it into the shark’s nose. The beast made no movement other than the attack on her leg. She started to think that she might die here. Marley feared dying underwater with no chance of survival. She as underwater, there was no way she could possibly punch this predator with enough force and momentum to get him to go away. Marley dared to fight against the monster. She grabbed onto his gills and pulled them towards her as she stuck her thumb into his eye. Almost instantly this horrid creature let his mouth open around her leg and pull away.

    Adrenaline pumped through her blood stream and Marley kicked herself to the surface. She pulled herself onto her surfboard and started to paddle to shore. Lifeguards started their jet skis towards her, but Landon was already beating them to it. Reaching her board, he grabbed on and started kicking them both
    towards shore.

    “Stay with me Mar. Don’t give up now,” Landon tied the board strap to his own leg, allowing him the ability to use both his legs and arms, instead of having to just push the board. Marley lied on the board, groaning in agony. Landon knew that Marley didn’t know the extent of the injury, and he didn’t want to let her know right then that she may never be able to surf again.

    One of the rescue skis reached Landon. He pulled the board onto the stretcher they had attached to the ski. He hopped on the back and held onto the surf board so that Marley wouldn’t wander off the back of the stretcher and back into the water. “High tail it out of her man, before the damn shark comes back.” The jet ski reached the sand and rode onto shore where EMT’s were already waiting for Marley.

    Landon helped pick Marley up and set her on the ambulance stretcher. “I was in the water with her.” Landon called out to one of the EMT’s. He called Landon into the truck. He hopped in and took hold of Marley’s hand. “You’re going to make it Mar. Just hang ten.” He touched his forehead to her hand and began crying as the vehicle rushed off.

    Landon never really told anyone, especially not Marley, but he did like her, a lot. Ever since she moved to Holmberg, they’ve had a thing for each other but neither one of them said anything. Once out of the water, Marley had passed out again. She was lying on the stretcher, knocked out, but somewhat stable. The paramedic put a tourniquet on her leg to stop the bleeding, but it didn’t really help much since Marl had already lost a hell of a lot of blood.

    Landon bowed his head, never loosening his grip from Marley’s hand. “Mar, when you make it out, I swear that I’ll take you on a date. It’ll be a good one. Just pull through for me. You gotta pull through Mar.” Land cried into her hand.


    Landon had done plenty of lifeguarding work over the past few summers. He’s worked in rough waters and has seen gruesome things, but nothing nearly as gruesome as a whole leg looking as if it had gone through a paper shredder. It made him sick to his stomach. He didn’t know how to feel. He tried so hard to be strong for Marley but when she was out cold, so was he.

    Although, in a way Landon saved Marley, he didn’t feel like very much of a hero. He should’ve known the conditions that were going on in the water just as much as he knew of the conditions happening outside the water. He wishes he could’ve done so much to help save her from what happened. A horrible incident that couldn’t have been predicted and yet, Landon still felt that he was to blame for it all. He felt like a failure. Almost, like a killer.


    Landon paced the floor of the waiting room in the hospital. He jumped almost six feet high every time he would hear the footsteps of a doctor or nurse coming from behind the swinging doors. How much longer would he have to wait? Was she even okay? Was anyone going to inform him of what was going on?

    He tried sitting down a few times, but it wouldn’t last very long. He’d hear someone coming, race to the door, only to find that it was yet another nurse with no news of what was going on. Does anyone even work here?! His mind was running faster than a bank thief from the police. He heart pounded so hard he thought that he was the one that was going to need a stretcher.

    After a few hours had gone by and Landon had drooled himself far into a land of dreams, the doctor that operated on Marley came out from the doors. “Excuse me, young man.” Landon pushed himself up immediately. “I thought I’d let you know that the surgery went very well. Unfortunately, the damage to her leg was far too severe to recover therefore we had to amputate. She’s stable in her room; you can go see her now.”

    Landon’s eyes shed tears of joy. He threw his arms around the doctor’s neck and held him tight. “Thank you so much sir,” Landon could’ve kissed the man with all the happiness he was feeling, but he wasn’t going to go that far. As soon as he released the doctor from his embrace, Landon began racing down the hallways in search for Marley’s room. Reaching her room, he stopped in front of her door, composing himself, making himself presentable.

    Come on man, this isn’t a dance. You just pulled her out of the water where she was attacked by a shark. You go in there, you tell her that you’re there for her and that’s it. You let yourself be the shoulder. She needs someone right now and that’s going to be you. You need to tell her that she’s never allowed to give up. She needs to pull through to the very end. No matter how hard it will, no matter how much she’s going to want to give up, you need to let her know that she’s not allowed to back down and that you’re going to help her through it all.

    Landon opened the door to Marley’s room and slowly walked inside, not wanting to startle or wake her. He walked in quietly; Marley’s head was turned towards the window. He didn’t know she was asleep or not. He didn’t want to wake her if she was. Landon slowly made his way to the side of her bed, kneeling beside it, he took her hand. Marley’s head didn’t move.

    “You made it.” Landon whispered just loud enough for someone to hear. “I knew you could do it Mar. That’s what I’ve always loved about you. You always refused to give up. Even if you thought that it was impossible, you still stuck to it until the end. I respect you for that. Most people wouldn’t be able to do what you did today.” He took a deep breath and let it out loudly.

    “You know, the doctor says you might not be able to ever surf again.” Landon picked his head up, no movement. “I take the blame for it. I shouldn’t have stopped swimming. I should’ve fought that shark off myself. Put myself in between you and him so that you could get away. But I didn’t. I panicked.” Landon gently let his fingers slide to the foot of her bed as far as he could. He grabbed onto the blanket that covered her legs and slowly picked it up. He could see one whole leg, then where the other leg should be, was nothing just air. A stump was covered with medical tape right about mid-thigh.

    “I’m so sorry Mar.” Landon grabbed onto Marley’s hand tightly and began sobbing. “I promise, I’ll help you through this. Every step of the way, I’ll be there helping you out. I’m so sorry.”

    Marley turned her head to him. She took her arm and put it on his head. Landon looked up at her.

    “I forgive you.”

    Landon jumped to his feet and wrapped his arms around Marley. He held onto her tightly.


    Landon sat on the shore line was he watched a girl on the water, breaking through waves, jumping back into the wakes and slinging herself through tunnels. Her body’s weight all shifted onto a leg and a stump, held up by muscle and metal. The brunette rode her surf board back into the sand. Landon stood from his seat and made his way into the water. He pulled the beach babe and her board to dry land. “Getting better every day.” He smiled at her.

    “Well thanks you to, Hero.” Marley smiled at Landon.
    He leaned in and dropped a soft peck on her lips. “People still cry when they see a one-legged goddess beat the shit out of them in the water?” He smirked.

    “Every time.”

    Landon wrapped his arms around Marley’s waist as they stood on board that was stationed on the sand. They watched the water roar and crash on top of one another.

    “You know, I’m glad you helpped me through this Mar. Here I thought, I’d be the one helping you out. But without you, I wouldn’t be able to see that if I wasn’t there to help you out of the water, I wouldn’t have you here in my arms right now. Thank you.”

    “It was my absolute pleasure. Besides, I’d hate it if you went your whole life blaming yourself. That way I wouldn’t have had you here, with your arms around me. You’d be moping somewhere claiming that I hate you.

    “Ha. Right.” Landon smiled down at Marley and she smiled up at him. They saved each other, from themselves.


    Marley sat on the cool sand and looking out at the water. Her board lay on the ground next to her. The waters roared at her but she was ready to get back out there. This was her first competition since the
    incident. It’s been almost two years but Marley fought her way back to the beach. She fought with her parents nearly every night until they allowed her to keep her surf boards. She went to physical therapy every day and to the beach every other session to practice on the

    Landon walked over to Marley and sat down next to her; he wrapped his arm around her and kissed her cheek. “How’re you doing?” She looked at
    him and smiled.

    “I’m alright. I’m ready for this.” She nodded at him. “I’m ready toget out there and beat this thing. I’m tired of being second best. Especially to Troy.”
    Landon looked out at the water and saw Troy straddling his board, going over small waves. “Don’t let him get to you. He’s a jerk and you know that you’re ten times better than he is any day.”

    Marley smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

    “Will the contestants of Holmberg Surf Competition please make their way to the water?”

    “Help me up?” Landon stood up and grabbed Marley’s board; he took her hand and helped her up from the sand. Landon helped her hobble over to the water. Marley’s prosthetic leg attached to her stump over her wet suit, which was designed especially for her.

    “This is it. Kick some ass.” Landon pushed Marley's board into the water and she jumped onto it and began paddling out to the deep ends.

    Marley's mind began to race. She continued to surf after losing her leg and she hadn't seen the shark since but the thought that he might still be lurking around stalked her mind. On her way out to the waves, Troy paddled by Marley and splashed her as he went by.

    “Good luck,” he snarled at her. Marley knew that she had to win this competition, not only for herself but to shut Troy up. Marley's prosthetic leg weighted down on the board. She pushed herself up straight on her board, and then bent at the knee. Marley worked for
    nearly 8 months on being able to keep her balance on her board as she ripped through waves. Once she mastered that, she was nearly home free.

    Marley ripped through waves left and right as others wiped out, not being able to achieve their goal. Marley knew that this was her moment. She was going head to head against Troy in the twelve foot beast of a wave that was nearing them. She never thought that it’d
    come but she heard it, the announcer yelled out in his intercom that the wave was going to reach twelve feet, and Marley was there and ready to conquer it.

    Both Troy and Marley neared the mouth of the tunnel the wave was creating, each trying to splash each other of out of the contest. Marley pulled her boards tail back and pushed the nose of the board up, cutting in front of Troy, sending down under the surface. The crowd roared, nearly as loud as the wave. The man on the intercom yelled out with joy, “If she gets this one, she’ll be the new champion!”

    Marley rushed into the tunnel and everything seemed to go silent. She was at a peaceful state of mind. This was her home. This was where she was meant to be. On the water, on a board, no matter is she had all her limbs or not. Marley touched her hand to the wall of the tunnel, breaking small droplets of water off and into her face. She let her soft brown hair down and ripped through the wave and out of the tunnel. The crowd went into an uproar. Marley’s face broke out into a smile.

    She rode her board into shore, and every one almost trampled her as they came into the water to congratulate her. She was pulled onto the shoulder of a few as they handed her a trophy. She pulled it over her
    head, a tear escaped her eyes.

    “I’m a champion.” She smiled.

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    Done Re: Surviving Holmberg (Final)

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    Mikey, this is amazing!!! I loved it, lol, you are a great writer!!! Smile

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