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    Revenge has never tasted sweeter

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    Revenge has never tasted sweeter

    Post by Mercy on Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:36 pm

    Welcome to Serevetia. A world where you are not judged by race or gender, but by who you are. The nobles live in luxury, with huge houses and more money than they could ever spend. The middle class live in smallish houses and just get by on their wages. There is no lower class, for the simple fact that they cannot survive.

    The nobles get taxed very little, as they control the tax system in Serevetia. The middle class get taxed on what they earn, but most nobles are fair and do not tax them too badly.

    Or, at least, that was the way with the old king. Now we have a new king, who taxes all middle class the same, no matter what they earn. And while the nobles grow fat and lazy on their interest, us middle class have to scrape by, and those on the threshold of upper class often have to help out other families who are struggling.

    When the king imposed another tax on us, we snapped. We refused to pay, and when he sent around his tax collectors we attacked them. We began to fight against this king, to fight for a more democratic system.

    A rebel group started. We began to take more direct action. There's a masquerade ball coming up and we have a plan. We're going to kidnap his son. They want a ransom. But I want more.

    I'm one of the leaders. I'm young, but I want to hurt this king for ruining my life. If it hadn't been for his son, I wouldn't have this scar on my wrist. I would probably have a boyfriend, maybe even be married. I would still be a noble.

    But his son ruined everything. So that's part of why I'm fighting. I want to fight for my real friends, and my real family. Everyone has their own reasons for fighting. But they all come together to create a mighty rebel force.

    So will our plans work? And will be be able to get our revenge?

    Note: I don't exactly want to be in this RP, but knock yourselves out guys Smile someone can be the main character, and then make a group of rebels

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