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    The Ravaged Guardian! Needs someone! [OLD]

    Faith Wynters
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    The Ravaged Guardian! Needs someone! [OLD]

    Post by Faith Wynters on Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:27 pm

    This is the first roleplay I've done with a male character!! Please, I need to test him out, please?

    Life is how you’ve always remembered it. You really can’t remember it any other way than this. You wake up in a silent house, empty of all life accept your own and a cat named Blanc. You go straight into a boss yelling at you after the same old oatmeal. You come straight home after a long day of making presentations and making your boss look good. You eat alone at your kitchen table, usually having a sandwich or a soup of some sort. Then it’s off to bed, only to wake up an repeat the process all over again.

    Then one day, something in your life changes. You find a girl, sitting in the middle of the sidewalk at the peak out of pedestrian traffic. You’re on your way home from work once again, and you’re tired and ready to put your feet up. People push past this mysterious girl, most step on her, or even trip completely over her. They all glare at her though, as if she’s scum of the earth. She simply watches them walk past like a deer in headlights.

    They all pass her by, accept you. You’ve never seen this girl around down before. Of course, the town’s pretty big so that’s understandable. Yes, when you see her, something in your mind clicks. Something about the girl draws you closer and closer to her. Your curiosity of such an even had grown tremendously. What was this girl doing here in the middle of the sidewalk? Why does her clothing seem to be from a different time period, as if from a hundred years or so ago? The same attraction happens when the girl sees you, but for a reason far differently. What will you do with this mysterious girl? Take her home, or leave her to be stepped on by passersby?

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