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    It's a Mad Mad World Advertise PLEASE JOIN ITS AMAZING [OLD]

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    It's a Mad Mad World Advertise PLEASE JOIN ITS AMAZING [OLD]

    Post by Mercy on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:38 pm

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    Welcome to the town of Weathersby, a small town with a small town values. But there is something different about this town... For some reason Fairytale creatures have ended up here, some aware they are from the fairy tale, and some unaware... Except they're twisted... There's something gone horribly wrong with our beloved fairy tale creatures.


    Little Red Riding: Multiple Personality Disorder, it was she who killed the grandmother, not the wolf...

    Belle: Narcissism: She walks around, completely into herself. She had left the Prince behind after trying surgery on him, the only reason was that she was supposed to be the beauty, and the Prince seemed to be getting more attention than she.

    The Mad Hatter: He plopped into town one day, walking around convinced he was the Mad Hatter, until one day he was dropped off in a mental home... He's an extreme pill popper though, if one is good, five must be fantastic, right? he now goes by the name Dominic, but on some days he feels more like a Fredrick.

    Come join the madness..

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