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    A step-by-step guide to Anonymatrix

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    Post by Jade Hawk on Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:47 pm

    Welcome to Anonymatrix!

    If you are a new member here, please do not hesitate to ask anyone here any questions you may have. The more you understand about this website, the more fun it is to use. Hopefully this post will help you understand how to post, what to post, and a slight re-cap of some of the rules (the main list of rules you can find HERE!, and please read them carefully as some may catch you off-guard). Please don't be shy to post on the forum. As long as your post is within the rules, you can't post anything stupid, and you even get points for posting (More information on points can be found here). So let's get started.

    What is Anonymatrix (AMX)?

    Anonymatrix is a FREE writing forum. If you write novels, short stories, poems, song lyrics, etc. and you would like somewhere to write them down and store them, here is the perfect place to do so. You can also use this site if you would like other people to comment, read, or give your writings constructive criticism. You can also jot down details about characters, scenes, or plot-lines without the full story finished, just so you have it stored somewhere. You don't have to be a genius at writing to post. Find the correct category for your writing (novels, poems, short stories, song lyrics) and create a new thread.

    If you enjoy writing with another person, or with a group of people, you can check out our Roleplaying section. If you do't know how to roleplay, you can learn how to here. There are different genres of roleplays, from fantasy, chick-lit, sci-fi, etc. and there is a general "One-On-One" section where you and another AMX member can create a story together. You can find a pre-made roleplay that is in need of more characters (where you can contribute your own story-line with your own characters), or you can create a brand new one and invite others to join you. In order to easily find a roleplay to join, or invite others to join one that you have created, you can check out our Advertising section. Or you can simply read the other roleplays and create a new post asking to join (but please do not interrupt another roleplay asking others to join one that you have created. That's what the advertising section is for).

    Anonymatrix also has a Blog, where you can write a blog or journal and allow others to read it. If something really good or really bad happened to you and you have the urge to write it down or share it, then the Blog section is perfect for that. Simply create your own thread and write. Others can reply to your blog post, and you can create another "diary entry" by replying to your own thread. You can also read other people's blogs and reply to them.

    Fun Activities
    We also have a section where you can interact with other members in a more playful setting. You have the option to play Word Games with other members by jumping into a pre-made game or creating one yourself. If you need some advice, or you like giving other people advice, there is the Psychiatrist's Chair. gain extra points for posting in this section, because help is always a kind thing to offer, whether you need it or you can offer it. If you have recently heard or read about something very interesting in the news, post it in our News From The World section. Perhaps other people would be interested to hear it as well. The Lounge is a place where you can hang out and talk about anything and everything. You can meet new people, chat about the most random things, and you may find some seasonal activities that the admins post from time-to-time. You can also post pictures (as long as they are in a spoiler) of yourself, your pets, your artwork.. anything that is within the rules. The Strokes section is a place where you say nice things about other members. Giving is better than receiving. If there is a particular member who has helped you out recently and you wish to thanks, then post a thread about them in the Strokes section. If it is someone's Birthday, this is the perfect place to with them a happy day. If you just feel like being nice, you can post here as well. You also get extra poins in this section for creating a new thread. The Anonymatrix Shop is a place you can visit when the points you earn by posting are burning a hole in your virtual pockets. If you wish to by a cute pet, a rank, and colour for your username, or even just to browse, find the thread that you wish to make your purchase from and post a reply. You don't earn any points for posting in the Anonymatrix shop though.

    New Memebers
    If you are a new member, please post a new topic in the Welcome section so you can introduce yourself to us. We would love to get to know you and be your friend and make you feel more comfortable with us and Anonymatrix. If you are NOT a new member, please check this section out to see if any new members have posted so you can reply to them, introduce yourself and your friends, and make them feel welcome.

    The Arcade
    The Arcade is brand new to Anonymatrix and we are planning to greatly expand it. Here is pretty much the only thing on Anonymatrix that does not involve writing. Here are a list of flash games you can play (please make sure your Java and Java Script are running on your internet web browser) to ease off some of that boredom. Coming soon is a place where you can post screen-shots and brag about your high scores, and if you have any suggestions for new games, please PM an admin with the link to your favourite flash game and we will do our best to add it to AMX for you. When we have acquired more games, they will be split into genres so it is easier for you to find a game that you would like to try. These games are all free. In fact, everything on this forum is FREE!

    The Chatbox and CBox
    The Chatbox is located at the very bottom of the home page and the CBox is located to the right of every page. The Chatbox is a place where you can chat with people in a live streaming environment. It requires you to click the "Log In" button to join, then choose your favourite font colour (so we can distinguish you from other members) and type away. Please be nice to other member, keep swearing to a minimum, and do NOT spam! Do not post off-site links, but I do allow you to post a link to a youtube video you wish to share or a funny picture as long as you don't post too many. There are lists of emoticons you can use as well. The admins will have a @ symbol before their name in the Chatbox. The CBox is a miniature version of the chatbox. Your conversations are not transferred though. It is simply a place where you can type a quick message for everyone to see. It has no colour, involves no log in, and you are limited to your characters. Think of it like a text message to AMX. You do have the freedom to choose whichever name you like to use on the CBox, but please make it something that lets us know who you are (For example, my username is "Jade Hawk", but I use "Jade" on the CBox because it's easier, but people still know that it's me). You do not earn any points for posting in the Chatbox nor CBox.

    How do I use this website?

    For most technical issues, you can normally find your answer in the FAQ tab located at the top of every page, just underneath our banner. If you have forgotten your password then e-mail us at or me personally at and we should be able to help you out. To return to the home page, the easiest way is to click of the banner at the very top, or clock "Home" on the very left of the tab below the banner.

    To navigate your way through the different pages and sections, you can click on any of the section/category links on the home page, or clicking the sub-links underneath. You can also search for a particular thread by typing it into the search bar located on the right underneath the scrolling "Latest Topics" bar. The Latest Topics are an easy way to see which topics have most recently been posted, and this changes constantly.

    How do I post a spoiler?
    EVERY AND ALL pictures whether on a post or in the Chatbox MUST be in spoilers. To create a spoiler, type the code below into a new post.
    [spoiler] your picture or text [/spoiler]
    When posting, you can also click the "Others" button above the text box and select "Spoiler". Placing spoilers around your pictures is very important!

    How do I post a new topic?
    To post a new topic, go to the section that your topic is most suited for and click the Blue and orange "New Topic" button to the top or bottom right of the list of threads. See the picture below for more help (click the spoiler to view).
    A step-by-step guide to Anonymatrix Screen19

    How do I post a picture?
    When you post a picture, make sure it is appropriate and within the site rules, and add a body of text with the picture. All pictures should be posted within spoilers (see above to learn how to post a spoiler). To post a picture, you will see green icons above the text box. Find one that looks like a photograph and a floppy disk A step-by-step guide to Anonymatrix Screen18 and click it. Choose a file from your computer or type a URl then click "Host It". All pictures are hosted on so if it asks you to log in, your e-mail is the e-mail address that you use to sign up for AMX. Your password is your AMX password (not your e-mail password unless they are the same). Once you have your picture hosted, copy the MIDDLE URL and paste it into the textbox.

    Some members have different colours... what does that mean?
    Members that have orange names are Administrators. These people (Jade Hawk and Banather) are in charge of Anonymatrix. Feel free to ask any admin for help, suggest improvements, or let us know when someone is breaking the rules. Memebrs with cyan usernames are Moderators (or mods). They are in charge of individual sections of the site, and you can seek help from them also, or you can let them know when someone within their section is breaking rules. Regular members have blue names. You can still approach them for help, and can interact with them throughout the site (you can interact with mods and admins too). All members with a colour that I haven't just mentioned have purchased their own username colour with their points. To spend points, earn them by posting, then reply to the appropriate topic in the AMX shop asking to spend them, or PM an admin.

    How do I send Personal Messages (PMs)?
    To send a PM, you must first write 2 posts anywhere on Anonymatrix (the Chatbox and CBox do not count). Once you have done that, you can see the button "Messages" at the top right of the page, below the banner. It might even glow orange and say "New Messages". Here you can view your message, or select "New Topic" to write a new one. You can also reply to old messages by clicking on the message, then selecting "Reply". You can type the username of the person you wish to send the message to in the "To:" bar, or find their name in the "Find a username" list. Just like all posts, you can Preview or Send your PM when you're finished.

    How do I edit my profile?
    On the bar below the banner at the top of the page there is a button labelled "Profile". Here you can change your password, mood, Birthday, favourite hobbies, etc. Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom when you're done. To change your signature or picture, there are buttons above the orange bar that says "Registration Information" and "Warning" that you can click on to further update your profile. You can change these details whenever you like and as many times as you like. If you are unsure whether your picture, signature, or other details are within the rules, don't hesitate to ask an admin. To change your username, you must pay with your points.

    Do points cost money? Can I buy points with a credit card or Paypal account?
    Points do not cost money. Anonymatrix is free. You cannot by points with real money, and we are not currently accepting donations. You may earn points by posting on the site, then proceed to buy items for AMX with those points, or if you PM an admin, you can transfer some of your points to other members.

    Do I have to read the AMX rules?
    YES! If you break a rule and claim that you did not know that it was a rule, that is not an excuse. The rules are subject to change without notice at any time, so be sure to frequently read them and know them well. These rules are not negotiable and will not change just because you ask.

    Can I have more than one account of AMX?
    No. Unless you ask an Admin and have a VERY good reason, you cannot have more than one account. And we will know! If a friend or family member living with you or sharing your computer wishes to join AMX, please let us know BEFORE they sign up so we don't confuse their details with yours. We don't want to assume that you are breaking the rules. If you fail to notify us that a family member has joined or that you have multiple accounts on AMX, you risk punishment, or even deletion of not only your account, but other accounts involved. So please be careful, ask us first, and please stick to the rules!

    If you have any questions, please find me, or another admin/mod/member on the site and ask us up front, or send us a PM and we will be more than happy to help you!

    A step-by-step guide to Anonymatrix Amx_si14
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