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    Bee's Scribblings

    Post by Bee on Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:07 pm

    Somewhere Better

    Chapter One: Distracted Escape

    Deidre was wrong about everything. Her fine, auburn hair swayed in the wind as she stared into the night fire. The trust she had given was always toyed with and taken advantage of, but she would not allow it any longer. She needed closure to everything that was unresolved. Today would be her new beginning.

    "Today is mine." She whispered, letting the remnants of faerie wings drop into air, the silver sheen floating towards the bottom of the hill.

    A Year Earlier

    Normalcy was all she asked for. She hated the stupid history her family had with the fey, as if they were slaves to them all because of a deal her great grandfather made. Deidre sighed abruptly after she finished staking the century old books in the sitting room. The floor was so very cold on her feet that she wished for some socks or some shoes, but the only idea of shoes that the fey had offered were torn rabbits after they had been gutted. She shook her head at the memory and continued on with her morning routine.

    The routine was simple. Clean the sitting area thoroughly, begin setting the table for lunch, and finally, shoo away the goblins that would crowd at the court. She hated that part the most, it involved too much effort and she'd be exhausted afterwards. Girls got to do what a girls got to do, as her mother would always say.

    The king, Absol, of the Seelie court was often gone away, but she was always told to stay clear of him whenever he was near. This particular day was different than the others though. Seemingly empty was the castle, but assumptions were never Deidre's strong suit. After finishing her morning routine she went off to the kitchen to grab a snack.

    This didn't seem too dangerous, considering the castle was pretty quiet and the last time Deidre checked the king was out. She tiptoed over to the cupboard, hoping that she could sneak a piece of rhubarb. It seemed odd that she'd have to sneak something so regular in a human world, but in Lysteria things that were normal in Ironside were not often normal to the fey.

    "Two more steps…" Deidre whispered excitedly to herself as her feet swept across the stone floor. She moved quickly now and nearly made a pan fall off the stove…or what was a stove to the fey anyhow. She shook her head then turned back to the wooden cupboards, jars of fruits and plants filled it, showing a colourful array of containers. She reached for the one labeled Rhabarba. This is what the fey called it. They often felt our names for things were foolish.

    Just as she opened the jar and put the rhubarb near her mouth a voice rang through her ears, a voice she was told never to hear, "You! Just what do you think you're doing?" It was Absol, an angry Absol at that. Deidre froze, the rhubarb falling out of her hands and onto the floor. She didn't even know what to do. She could turn around and face the king, and likely be turned into a supper or some form of furniture, or she could run and use the bracelets that her great grandfather had given her, the vine disguised iron that clung to her wrists now.

    Had you not known this already, feys only weakness is that they cannot lie and they cannot touch iron, in risk of burning their skin. Deidre's choice was made clear, today was finally the day she would be free, she just needed time to think. "Wench, why is it you believe you can eat my food?" The king's voice soft as a harp rang through her ears again. She needed a plan, or at least a good reason.

    "King Absol, I do think you're making a bad assumption. I was only just rearranging the cupboard and had realized the Rhabarba was in the wrong jar." Deidre turned around as she spoke, kneeling in the king's presence. She had hoped her face seemed sincere. This seemed like it would be a horrible lie. That was one thing she had over the fey, she could lie.

    The king's face changed to consideration, as if he was weighing the probability of this. He then turned to his consultant, who Deidre just noticed behind him, an old imp by the name of Dorkan. His face scrunched up into a nasty expression as his white irises fell onto her. Deidre nearly grimaced but she knew better, her grand father always told her to keep a neutral expression.

    She shifted slightly and stood up straight, her hands behind her back. She was now playing with her bracelets. It was said that if Deidre touched them and found a slight bend in the weaving the bracelet would turn into a short blade. She never truly believed it, but perhaps today was that day. As she was doing this she visually laid out a map in her head. The kitchen was near the centre court entrance where the throne was, if she could run around the king and Dorkan and slip past the guards in court room, she could get outside and run to the forest to the left of the castle.

    It was run away or be more miserable than she already was. She quickly made a decision, now all she needed was the short blade. "King Absol, I do believe this human thing is …um, lying." Dorkan had to train the human slaves to do common fey tasks, so he was use to the commonalities between humans. He sneered as if disgusted and looked up to the king. Absol looked at her curiously, he was not use to humans and therefore did not understand why I would lie.

    "Is this true wench?" King Absol's voice hardened. He was a faerie not to toy with. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the bracelet fell into Deidre's hands and shifted, becoming straight and sharp. Deidre nearly smiled as the king neared her, his completely black eyes on her face. He continued until he stood right in front of her, his head tilted down to stare at her small frame. He towered over her, and at this moment it came in handy.

    Deidre struck the king's side, cracking a rib with the blade. She ran, hearing his skin sizzling after her. Dorkan yelled and bolted towards the king, letting Deidre through to the courtroom easily. The guards went towards Dorkan's call and Deidre snuck behind the decorative plants and curtains easily. Nearing the door outside she heard a cry, "Who was that wretched girl?" King Absol's voice trailing behind her as she entered the bright outside.

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