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    Take Me Somewhere Better  Empty Take Me Somewhere Better

    Post by Bee on Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:02 am

    Everyone perceives faeries just as they do in the story books we read as children. Harmless and kind. You're dead wrong. Faeries, or rather fey, fair folk, whatever you'd like to call them are so far from kind. They're malicious beings that kidnap human children and turn them into slaves. Switch babies at birth with a glamoured fey that looks like the baby. Pull you into the water just to watch you drown. They do whatever they want for their own amusement. Humans are just a toy to them.


    Welcome to Lysteria. We are a country of two courts, dividing the ownership of the land. There's the Seelie court, which is the court of summer. Along with the Unseelie court, home to winter. Between these two courts, there has been a treaty of peace for around a century, but that ends now. An outbreak of a lethal disease has spread through Lysteria land, first being encountered by the dwarves in the mines of Ephah. This disease counters the immortality of the fey and speeds it up by a triple of the normal time. Taking this into consideration would mean a fey being of 1000, only aging after 100 years, would then begin to age every five days. Or at least that is what is understood.

    This epidemic has caused a craze throughout the land, until the Unseelie court had found a way to change it to every ten days, and then twenty, and soon the drug was strong enough to counter the disease all together. By now the word had spread to the Seelie court, which brings us to the present.


    The idea is that there's the fey of both courts, the human slaves of the Seelie court, and the outsiders who are the creatures that have been banned from both courts. There's a disease that is beginning to kill the fey, this serves as a distraction from the slaves which gives them a way of absence, allowing them to free themselves, they just need a secure plan. On the other hand the fey are fighting the disease and the Seelie court is trying to get the remedy the Unseelie court has made. The outsiders are also trying to get the antidote.


    So, if there is anyone interested let me know, along with any hankering questions or plot suggestions.

    I understand this is not your usual fantasy role play, but trust me, it an be really fun if you give it a chance.

    I need someone to be at least the king of one court and a few court soldiers for the Unseelie and Seelie court. As well as a few human slaves.

    If interested just reply. Very Happy

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