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    Help Save Us [OLD]

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    Help Save Us [OLD]

    Post by Bee on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:03 pm

    Similar to the Fallout plot.

    A while ago, there was a war. World war III to be exact. A nuclear war that would bring turmoil to every continent in the world. This seemed the end, until the new beginning.


    Old New York was where we camped out. Whatever was left of the glorious Big Apple was our home. The skyscrapers were now obliterated, Central Park was now a dirt field. Everywhere there use to be busy stores, there now lay rubble. Somehow, through all the shit that lay around and the dangerous mutations, we were able to survive.

    It took a while to understand how we were capable of surviving, but somehow we did. Each of us waking up under a pile of debris. Some injured, some amnesic, some mutated. That was the hardest part, killing people who had changed. We called them the Glowies. This being because they glowed if they had changed. Sometimes people didn't even have an injury, they just were. Over time it was easier. We got use to having to kill our own. Some couldn't handle it though and they died along with the Glowies. Thankfully we haven't ran into any relatives that had changed. That would be a hell'uva mess.

    The only Glowie we hadn't killed was one we found in a library. They were brutally injured, so we thought they were worse off than the other Glowies, but this one spoke to us. It told us it had rations, that it could help. We believed it. We found out that not every Glowie was harmful. So we began to feel bad, for killing all those Glowies without knowing if they were a danger or not.

    We thought that Glowies were the only danger, until we ran into a dog, someone's pet most likely. Tommy thought that he'd be a good addition, considering he could sniff out food. Tommy was wrong, and died because of it. We learned not to trust the animals unless we wanted food. They were the best protein we could get, but we had to chance rads. We'd die either way, just figured that surviving for a little while may come in handy for whoever else was out there. I mean, there had to be others, right?

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