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    Mayday's Bio Thread

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    Mayday's Bio Thread

    Post by Mayday on Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:55 pm

    Makayla Baida

    A sort of updated bio for May; I've made her a darker character, because she always had the tendency to evolve into this more sinister personality anyways in any roleplays I used her in.

    Name: Makayla Baida
    Commonly used nicknames: May, Mayla, Mayday, Mailbag, Mayflower
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female

    Species:Telepathic Shape-shifter
    Skin colour: A sort of pale peaches-and-cream complexion, although a little more on the snow white side.
    Tattoos: Detailed eagle wings in dark blue ink on shoulder blades, a thorny, dark green vine twining itself around her right wrist, a flying bird behind her left ear.
    Height: 4'10
    Build: May has a slender, petite build, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s, well… nice.
    Weight: A meager 100 lbs
    Hair (colour/style): Colour ranging from chocolate brown to golden blond, with various hues of blue streaks throughout. Styled in a many layered fashion and loose curls midway-back level with thick front bangs.
    Eyes: Big, round icy blue eyes with gold flecks which become a dull grey when May is angered or frustrated.

    Hat: She hates having any sort of shite on her hair.
    Shades/glasses: N/A
    Jewelry/piercings: Silver heart locket usually tucked into her shirt hanging from a thin chain around her neck. Septum (ring through the nose), double piercings in each ear, double on the tongue.
    Coat/Jacket: Black fitted hoodie upper thigh length with a red 13 over the heart. Unzipped.
    Top: Fitted white tee with a black smiley face in the middle.
    Bottom: Dark blue slightly ripped skinny jeans.
    Shoes: Plain black high top sneakers.

    Relationship status: Single.
    Sexuality: Straight cis-female.
    Personality: May is… eccentric. She’s a bit off the loopy side of things and does have a temper that tends to flare up quite often. She isn’t all too sociable and this doesn’t go over well with many people. Although tiny, and usually a lot more softspoken than you’d think such an angry little person would be, she has a voice that can carry over quite some distance. Another thing about May: watch out for those teeth. She isn’t afraid of getting into a fight, and when she does, she considers nothing dirty.
    Hobbies: They change ... most of the time include art leaning toward a darker style. She also loves paintballing, mostly because of the fact she gets to shoot people without getting in trouble with the law.
    Background/secret: Makayla comes from a little bit of a troubled past (who doesn't?) and keeps tight lipped about it. So the secret shall stay the secret.
    Powers: Has the ability to shift into whichever animal she pleases, whether it exists or not. May has a big, dark imagination, so some of the animals she shifts into are downright terrifying. But she does have morals (somewhat) and will most likely not eat you. You hope. She also has the ability to read and communicate through the mind, using those telepathic abilities to her advantage and twisting them around in different ways (sometimes dark ways. She’s not evil, I promise). Her shifting powers are much more stronger and developed.
    Preferred weapon: Just a simple army knife and the natural weapons of the animal she shifts into.



    Name: Falda (no last name is given; she herself doesn’t know it and doesn’t really care)
    Commonly used nicknames: N/A
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female

    Species: Human.
    Skin colour: Lightly tanned skin with hints of freckles, although not overtly obvious.
    Tattoos: The one tattoo Falda has on her body is that of a prowling tiger on the left side of her ribcage below her armpit, where she was once hit by a bullet and has a scar.
    Height: 5’4
    Build: Falda is of an average build: really, by no means petite, with strong arms and legs . She’s a pretty fit individual, but not one to take pride in how she looks. She gets her body from her need to move. Some notable features she possesses physically are her high cheekbones and long, slender fingers. She has a wicked right hook
    Weight: She weighs something around 120 lbs, the last time she checked.
    Hair (colour/style): Falda has a gorgeous mess of a blond mane. Now, I hope you’re not thinking of that ridiculous platinum-blond. No, more something along the lines of a deep gold colour with natural highlights. Hair is styled in choppy layers and let down loosely, hanging a little ways past her shoulder blades.
    Eyes: An icy blue, which, along with some of her other features, show her Icelandic origins.

    Hat: Isn’t much into accessorizing.
    Shades/glasses: Has a nice pair of shades she wears on sunny days for practical purposes.
    Jewelry/piercings: She has multitudes of piercings in each ear that aren’t all too overbearing (except that tragus piercing may be a little bit much.)
    Coat/Jacket: She favours the simple and usually just wears a nicely-fitted leather jacket.
    Top: A regular ol’ black tank top.
    Bottom: Falda has never been one for wearing anything but jeans, but lately has gone into a phase of wearing leather pants. In theory, and on most people, they look ridiculous, but Falda can never be ridiculous.
    Shoes: Really the only pop of colour in her outfit, Falda loves wearing some sort of scarlet coloured shoe, usually a boot that goes a bit above the ankle, no heel.

    Relationship status: Single.
    Sexuality: Straight cis-female.
    Personality: Falda is a strong-willed and often uncompromising individual. Although she is reasonable and nobody can say she isn’t, her stubbornness sometimes clouds her judgement and makes it a little bit hard to deal with her. Falda presents herself with a tough exterior and a no-nonsense attitude but she has a soft heart and will oftentimes find ways to help out those around her, taking a particular joy in doing so with animals and children. Has an innate distrust for men and women she views as adults, which can make her seem all the more menacing sometimes.
    Hobbies: She doesn’t tend to concern herself with much anything else but the job at hand, although her love for anything that gives her an adrenaline rush, ranging from rollercoasters to skydiving, can be considered somewhat of a hobby.
    Background/secret: Falda grew up in a little community on the outskirts of Iceland as an orphan, where she lived with a man who was something of a hermit. Cut off from the world, she was given a brutal reality check when an American spy mission went haywire and her mentor, the hermit Run, as killed. One of the American spies was sympathetic toward the little 11 year old’s plight and took her back to the States, where the girl was raised amongst spies until she became an American spy herself at age 18. Now, Falda has ties cut off from the American government but still holds the spy who rescued her, Amanda, dear and communicates with her constantly.
    Powers: She is “just a human” but is one intelligent individual and has a honed sense of perception, useful in many combat situations.
    Preferred weapon:Falda has a taste for guns coined as “assault rifles,” loving ones such as the AK47 and the submachine Arsenal Shipka.
    Anything else?: Falda does have a slight accent due to the fact she did live in Iceland and spoke only Icelandic and Gaelic until she was 11, but she is fluent now in English and is easily understood.

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