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    Spy Roleplay!! [OLD}

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    Spy Roleplay!! [OLD}

    Post by Savannah on Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:50 pm

    I haven't really been on this site or roleplayed for a while. But I kind of want to get back into it and hopefully roleplay with a guy.

    I really want to do a spy type roleplay. I do have a setting i've been wanting to do. But if anyone has any other spy setting ideas. I am more then happy to hear them.

    Here is the setting and link to the post. I did not write the setting. Someone else wrote it I am not trying to steal credits on it or anything.
    SETTING: (Credit to april) So, me and you are at this really big fancy party, so yeah, dresses and tuxedos, in the ballroom of a big, fancy hotel. But you see, there's a catch. You and I are secret agents. Part of secret organizations, like with guns, knives, training, all that stuff. Rival organizations actually, and both companies are trying to eliminate the other, so each agent is given a picture of the person that they are responsible for killing. See, it's a good idea, right? But that's not even all. Me and you are supposed to be assassinating each other. AND HERE'S THE BEST PART. We used to date! But that was before we were recruited to these organizations. So we don't know the other is a spy. Until we're assigned to kill them at least.

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