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    Hunter Howlett Bio

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    Hunter Howlett Bio

    Post by Lightning-Edge on Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:40 am

    Character Bio

    Name: Hunter Howlett
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male

    Species: Modern Formed Human
    Ethnic: Australian
    Skin color: surfers tan
    Tattoo: celtic cross on inside of right wrist and tattered black angel wings on inside of left wrist.
    Scars: minor scarring from burns on inside of fore arms covered by tattoos
    Height: 6'1
    Build: well toned
    Weight: 242 lbs
    Hair (color/style): light brown
    Eyes: changes with moods but mainly midnight purple or ice blue

    Hat: well worn black quicksilver cap
    Shades/glasses: black oakleys
    Jewerly/peircings: shark tooth necklace
    Coat/Jacket: black hoodie
    Top: quicksilver t-shirt
    Bottom: billabong jeans
    Shoes: dunlope volleys

    About Character
    Relationship status: Single.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Personality: I keep to myself about a most things.. layed back about most things but bad mouth my family or friends and your in for a world of hurt .
    Hobbies: Drawing, reading, surfing, swimming, bmx riding and moto x.
    Background/secret: oldest of three children, forced to grow up fast to protect little sisters from abusive mother father was always working to keep food on the table, one day snapped and killed my mother because she blamed my little sisters her downfalls and said they were mistakes
    Powers: electro-kenisis and cryo-kenisis
    Prefered weapon: desert eagle .50 cal or katana
    Medical disorder: IED(intermittent explosive disorder)

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