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    One Scene Interp Play I just wrote

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    One Scene Interp Play I just wrote

    Post by Mercy on Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:32 pm

    Pre-Notes: Four months of not writing and this popped out just this morning when I woke up. It's a one scene ineterp play. It's supposed to be a narration mostly, with few props on stage [I was considering just having a simple full-body mirror, and a man tying a tie during the entire scene, and finish with him turning towards the audience, neck tie prepared and ready. I don't know....

    If you have any thoughts, suggestions or anything to throw in there. Please let me know.


    “It was a Sunday morning in Paris. People were bustling around the suite trying to do last minute preparations before the wedding. August twenty-third, 1999, was the day I got married to my beautiful wife.

    Twenty four years young, I sat in front of the mirror, the simple red piece of cloth hanging, untied, around my neck. My hands were shaky, knuckles white as I fumbled and struggled to tie it properly. My mind froze, as if remembering how to tie a tie was the most difficult task known to man.

    My hands reached for the phone, dialing my mother’s number – she couldn’t make it due to her illness.
    She answered the phone, obviously worried something had gone terribly wrong. She asked multiple things, were the flowers not ready, the bride’s dress tore, did somebody have a heart attack?

    I told her, No, mom, I just…Need you to tell me how to tie a neck tie.

    She laughed, and began walking me through the steps until my tie was perfect and ready. I gave her my thanks and she replied, “You’re welcome…. I’m proud of you.” Even though I couldn’t see her, something told me she was smiling.

    I hung up the phone, took a deep breath, and one last look in the mirror, then walked out the suite with confidence.”

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