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    An Epic In The Making Info Page Empty An Epic In The Making Info Page

    Post by Murdoch on Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:35 am


    Before I detail classes and races, here is how this is going to work;

    I will frequently ask you to “Roll” dice. What that means is you type in the following code;
    [rand](number here)[/rand]

    This simulates a dice roll. So if I say “Roll 1d6” it means I want you to “roll” a dice with six sides. How you’d do this is entering the following code;
    [rand] 6 [/rand]
    , which would look like this:

    Random number (1,6) : 6
    which details the minimum and maximum numbers that could result, and the actual number generated at the end. If I say roll 2d6, it means roll 2 of them (which means enter the code twice) like so;

    Random number (1,6) : 5
    Random number (1,6) : 2

    If there’s a modifier, I will tell you; for instance, if I say “roll 1d6 – 1” it means you would do the following;

    Random number (1,6) : 5
    and then take one away from the total. With me so far? Good.

    Your characters start at level one. What that means is you roll 1d4 for your characters to perform an action, plus or minus any modifiers. There is a maximum of ten levels (I will keep track of EXP and tell you when you level up, so don’t worry about that). Levels one and two roll 1d4, levels three and four roll 2d4, levels 3 and 4 roll 3d4, levels 5 and 6 roll 4d4, levels 7 and 8 roll 5d4 and levels 9 and 10 roll 6d4. When you get to level 10, you can take a specialist class, but more on that later.

    There are five types of roll;

    Combat Rolls, which cover…well, combat. Whether it be unarmed, axes, swords, etc etc, I will work that out. I could go into detail and start working out pro’s and con’s of different weapon types, but I’ll keep it as simple as possible. Very Happy However, unarmed fighting results in -1 to your combat roll.

    Intelligence rolls, which cover anything from brain teasers to spot checks and initiative checks (to see if somebody sneak attacks you).

    Charisma rolls, for when you’re trying to persuade or intimidate the NPC’s, or trying to barter a better price for goods.

    Skill rolls, which covers sneaking, lockpicking, etc etc.

    Saving throws, which you roll in order to ascertain whether you were injured if a creature lands an attack on you (if, say, you were fighting a Goblin and lost the combat, were you injured?).

    Now. I will be keeping an “inventory” of what each character is carrying, including gold, loot, items, etc etc. I won’t be putting a weight restriction on it, because I trust you to be sensible. If, however, you turn your backpack into a mini invisible TARDIS, I will be setting restrictions. You have been warned (also, I may give you useless tat (like a rope that unties itself whenever it’s tied)…I will give bonus EXP if you find an ingenious way of using it to solve a problem). Though I will be managing the inventory, I would suggest keeping track of it so you don’t get caught out…also, make sure to divvy up the loot evenly. You can’t use a rope that your mate has in HIS pack, after all…you need to ask them to use it. Razz

    Ok. Now for the character creation guide.

    Personality, appearance and goals are your choice. I will give a general idea of what the races kinda look like, as well as some basic background. Each race will have certain advantages and disadvantages…try to choose a class that compliments the race (for instance, an Orc Wizard isn’t going to be much use, is it?). All you need to do is put together a race, a class and a bio, send them to me for approval and then I will post it, along with any extra information required (for instance, cancelling out their penalties and bonuses and working out the fine details…as well as editing and updating their inventories).

    Races (NOTE: if you have any races that aren’t here, talk to me and we’ll see what we can do. No promises, though) :

    Orcs are primarily wanderers, having no homeland of their own. They have no central government, instead living in small tribes around the globe or alone, wandering as mercenaries. Orcs live to fight; they are not exactly stupid – not as much as any other race, anyway - but they prefer to solve problems with their brawn rather than their brain. An Orc in combat is terrifying to behold, its berserker rage laying waste to many foes at once.

    +1 to Combat Roll (Effectively gives you no penalties to unarmed combat).
    +1 to Intimidation Rolls.
    -1 to intelligence Rolls.
    -1 to all non-intimidation charisma rolls.
    +2 to all saving throws.

    The Horselords of Freye are the best cavalry force in the world, with a keen sense of honour and living by the land. Their cities are made of wood and take advantage of local geography, their country being one of rolling hills and sweeping plains…perfect geography for their cavalry. They despise the Laarian’s and the Kaarites, viewing the Laarians as dishonourable thugs and the Kaarites as uncivilised brutes. On horseback, there are no better warriors…on foot, they suffer a little.

    +1 to Combat Roll if on horseback.
    -1 to Combat Roll if on foot.
    +1 to all non-intimidation Charisma rolls if not dealing with a Kaarite or Laarian.
    -1 to all Charisma rolls against a Kaarite or Laarian.
    +2 to all saving throws if on horseback.

    The Laarian Legions are amongst the best heavy infantry in the world; trained extensively in formation, over flat ground they can march through most other infantry, and can weather a charge from most cavalry. Of course, over broken, uneven ground, their formation can suffer, and the lack of light infantry or noteworthy cavalry has spelt their defeat many a time against their cavalry-dominant neighbours. They are haughty and arrogant and, much to the chagrin of their Freyan neighbours, frequently employ espionage and misdirection to achieve their ends. They consider the Freyans to be self-important fools, and the Kaarite’s to be moronic barbarians.

    +1 to Combat Rolls if on foot.
    -1 to all Charisma Rolls against Kaarites and Freyans.
    +2 to all saving throws if on foot.
    -1 to Skill rolls if on horseback.

    The barbarian hosts of the north, like the Orcs, have no central government, instead following whichever chieftain offers more glory than the others. They frequently war amongst themselves, be it clan-to-clan or individual mercenaries fighting over contracts or food or loot…as such, they are rarely a note-worthy threat to the Laarians or the Freyans, but when a single chieftain manages to unite them, their numbers and ferocity provide a fierce challenge to any enemy army. Their harsh climate breeds stout, blunt men who do not suffer weaklings easily…and they view anybody not a Kaarite as a weakling, unless proven otherwise.

    +2 to all combat rolls if on foot.
    -2 to all non-intimidation Charisma rolls.
    +1 to all Intimidation rolls.
    -1 to all intelligence rolls.

    High Elf:
    The Elves used to live all over the world, the dominant species of a young and vibrant earth…however, several thousand years ago, the Elves were almost wiped out by the Cataclysm. Nobody knows exactly what the Cataclysm was – not even the Elves; Elves live hundreds of years, but nobody who lived during the cataclysm is alive today, and all written records have been lost – but the only thing that is certain is that the High Elves blame the Dark Elves, and the Dark Elves blame the High Elves. The Cataclysm drove the High Elves back onto their home island of Afraa and into seclusion. Three hundred years ago, they founded the College of Magi, allowing all those with magical ability to come and study there to increase their talents. Elves are naturally gifted in magic, but at the cost of being somewhat frailer than Orcs and the humans…however, their deft hands and quick eyes make up for any shortcomings strength wise. The Elves hold themselves aloof and most of them refuse to have any dealings with the “lower” races. They aren’t particularly popular.

    +1 to all Bow Combat rolls.
    -1 to all Melee Combat rolls.
    +1 to all Intelligence rolls.
    -2 to all Charisma rolls.

    Dark Elf:
    Much like the High Elves, the Dark Elves originally come from the island of Afraa, and once populated a massive, globe-spanning Empire that was destroyed in the Cataclysm. As mentioned above, they blame the High Elves for that, even though the specifics have been lost in time. Whilst the High Elves are tall, pale and proud, the Dark Elves have grown stooped, dark and coldly cunning due to their having been driven underground by the ruthless purges of the High Elves. Like the High Elves, they are naturally gifted in magic, but since they lack any form of formal instruction, they aren’t normally as skilled as a High Elf Mage, and instead prefer using stealthy weapons like bows and daggers.

    +1 to all Bow and Dagger Combat rolls.
    -2 to all Charisma rolls.
    +1 to all Skill rolls.
    -1 to all Combat Rolls if not using a bow or dagger.

    Dwarves were once thought to be a myth, until the great explorer Christary discovered a vast, ancient hall in the mountains of Laar. He was initially held hostage, but was eventually freed and allowed to live amongst them (His story can be read in his best-selling book, “Living with Dwarves”). They are a secluded and proud lot, but once in a while they do venture out to find their own way…they prefer being underground, but some do dare explore the outside world. Many people still believe that the Dwarves are myths, of course, but most people have gotten used to the idea of the Dwarves being real (if small in number). Just…don’t comment on their size. They have a very short temper, and a very strong arm.

    +1 to two-handed combat rolls.
    +1 to all manual labour skill rolls (EG. Crafting)
    -2 to all fleeing rolls (because of their stubby little legs).
    -1 to all Charisma Rolls (given their tempers)
    +1 to all unarmed combat rolls.

    Alite’s are a small number of tribal creatures that live in the forests of various countries. They are half-animal, half man and behave as such, sleeping in the wilds but cooking food, staying away from cities but using tools…they have their own language, but are perfectly capable of speaking Common, the language that most races know well enough to speak to each other. They are fast and savage, and prefer not to use weapons if they can help it, given their extremely sharp claws/fangs. They can be half cat, half dog, half bear, half wolf…pretty much any animal, you can find an Alite of. However, given that they live in the wilds, people aren’t really used to them, and their social skills are a little…lacking.

    -1 to all armed combat rolls.
    +2 to all unarmed combat rolls.
    -1 to all Charisma rolls.
    +1 to all Skill rolls.

    Now for classes. Bare in mind, you guys will be travelling together…I would suggest talking amongst yourselves and deciding who is what, or at least looking at what’s already been chosen and choosing a class that A) compliments your race, and B) fills a gap that needs filling in the current party. Smile

    Level 10 Specialization options will be made available once you reach level 10.

    Quite simply put, a fighter. He relies on armour, weapons and skill to defeat his enemies, and has no time for mind games or fancy tricks.

    +1 to all armed combat rolls.
    -1 to all intelligence rolls.

    The Hunters wander the wilderness, living off of the land and hunting on their own. They have a close bond with nature that naturally leads them to abhor war and the cities. They are expert trackers and hunters, and know the woods and wilds like nobody else. However, being loners, they don’t deal with outsiders well.

    +1 to all Bow Combat Rolls
    +1 to all Skill Rolls.
    -1 to all non-Bow Combat Rolls.
    -1 to all Persuasion Rolls.

    College Mage:
    Mages are the only ones able to use magic, and use that ability to their advantage. College Mages are those that submitted to the call of the College, leaving their families and old lives behind for their ten-year tenure at the College, followed by a lifetime of servitude to the Magi officials.
    [When Mages fight, you roll Combat Rolls if just hitting somebody, but you use your Intelligence Roll to cast spells].

    +1 to all Intelligence Rolls.
    +1 to all Skill rolls.
    -1 to all Combat rolls.
    -1 to all Intimidate Rolls.
    Ability to cast offensive, defensive and healing spells.

    Rogue Mage:
    Rogue Mages are those magic users that taught themselves, fugitives from the College, outlaws with a price on their heads. They never stay in one place for too long, and never practice their powers openly if they can help it. They frequently work as mercenaries or as wandering healers to make ends meet.

    +1 to all Intelligence rolls
    -1 to all Charisma rolls
    +1 to all skill rolls
    Ability to cast offensive, defensive and healing spells.

    This wily character is always slipping through cracks, looking for things to loot and people to screw over. They are a useful tool in dungeons and in prison, provided you trust them enough to turn your back…

    +2 to all sneak, lockpicking and trap detection/deactivation rolls [all fall under skill].
    +1 to all persuasion rolls.
    -1 to all other charisma rolls.
    +1 to all Sneak Combat Rolls [Achieved by attacking while sneaking].

    Accepted Characters:
    [Note: I will be giving out "titles" during the out for yours!]

    - Bruhamoff, High Elf College Mage (Danny))
    - Vilia Torel, High Elf Warrior (Kristie)
    - Harona Ogirn, Dwarf Hunter (Faith)
    - Fealan, Dark Elf Scout (Wraith)

    -Inventories will be tracked on the bio page here:

    Fill out the bio sheet first, then PM me your character idea.

    The actual story page is here:


    Any questions, PM me.

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    An Epic In The Making Info Page Empty Re: An Epic In The Making Info Page

    Post by Murdoch on Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:51 pm

    EXP Guide

    EXP required for:
    Level 2: 100
    Level 3: 250
    Level 4: 500
    Level 5: 850
    Level 6: 1300
    Level 7: 1850
    Level 8: 2400
    Level 9: 3000
    Level 10: 4000

    Monsters come in four difficulties, and the EXP gained from each category is different.

    EG: Goblin Runt, Giant Spider Hatchling
    Gives 20 EXP – (level squared), min. of 1. Subt. only applies to levels above 2.

    EG: Goblin Archer, Greenwood Spider
    Gives 50 EXP – (level squared), min. of 1. Subt. only applies to levels above 4.

    EG: Goblin Spider Rider, Dragonling
    Gives 100 EXP – (level squared), min. of 1. Subt. only applies to levels above 6.

    EG: Dragon
    Gives 170 EXP – (level squared), min. of 1. Subt. only applies to levels above 8.

    Interesting (OhGodOhGodWe'reAllGonnaDie):
    EG: Now that would be telling Wink
    Gives 300 EXP.

    You may also gain EXP from other activities, such as crafting, quest completion and finding unique ways to use seemingly useless tat that I will give you throughout the course of the RP. I will let you know when you are rewarded with EXP. And if you don't kill the creature, don't worry. If you managed to wound it, you get EXP as well. If you attacked it but didn't wound it, you get a reduced amount of EXP. If you ran away and hid while the others fought it, you get nothing...and you get to pick last when divvying up the loot, if you get anything at all.

    Wounds: Now I've been thinking hard about this. How do you take wounds, and how is that going to impact the way your character plays? I think I have an answer.
    You roll to hit the creature. If you hit, you then roll a dice depending on the weapon you hit it with; each weapon will have its own wound dice, which could be 1D6, 3D4, etc etc. You then roll your dice, and the creature rolls its armour dice [more on that in a second], and it plays out much like Risk; highest vs highest, lowest vs lowest, etc etc. And I decide the wounds from there. Like Risk, defenders win ties unless otherwise specified. I mentioned Armour Dice earlier, didn't I? Well, Armour Dice is how many dice you roll against their Wound Dice. Every piece of armour will have its own; you may have a breastplate with three, a helmet with one and a set of boots with one. In total, then, you would have five Armour Dice to roll against their Wound Dice. But be aware; sometimes, weapons will have extra effects that activate upon wounding (EG, poison). But these will be specified when you first encounter the creature so you know I'm not making it up as I go along in the fight. These Armour Dice also have another function; if you fail your Armour roll, then you can try for a Saving throw. In this case, you use all of your Armour Dice to try and roll a 5 or 6 to save yourself, saving one wound for every natural 5 or 6. But beware; a roll of a one will damage a piece of your armour, taking away one armour dice from that piece for every natural one. If it hits 0 armour dice, it breaks and cannot be used – including effects, unless specified otherwise – until you get it repaired (don't worry, this is how most creatures work as well).

    So how do you take your wounds?
    That is very simple. You use your hit dice.
    Say you have 1d4 for hitting creatures, and a creature inflicts one wound. You now roll 1d3 to hit creatures. Simple, right? If you usually roll 2d4, you now roll 1d4 and 1d3. Again, simple. If you hit 0 on any of them (say, for instance, you're on 1d4 and 1d1 and you take another wound) you go down to one dice until you get your wounds seen to. If you hit 0D's, you are knocked unconscious until somebody revives you. If the entire party is knocked unconscious, you are dead and get sent back to the nearest visited town, with the gear you had equipped at the time of your death removed from your inventory. There is a chance that if you return to where you died, the stuff will be there...but there may also be some other scavengers there, and maybe even the thing that killed you last time. So be cautious.

    As an example:

    Vilia Torrel, a level 3 High Elf Warrior, is facing a Greenwood Spider, a medium difficulty monster.
    Torrel is level 3, so gets 2D4 to hit.
    Torrel is equipped with a Sword that has a Wound Dice Rating [WDR] of 3D4.
    Torrel is also equipped with a boiled leather breastplate with an ADR of 1D4, and a banded iron shield with an ADR of 2D4, giving her an overall ADR of 3D4.

    The Greenwood Spider gets 1D6 to hit.
    The Greenwood Spiders giant fangs have a WDR of 3D4.
    The Greenwood Spiders tough skin has an ADR of 2D4, and its thick hair an ADR of 1D4, giving it an overall ADR of 3D4.

    The Spider rolls its 1D6 and gets a total of six, while Torrel gets a total of five; the Spider hits.
    The Spider then rolls its 3 WD and gets a four, a two and a one.
    Torrel rolls her 3 AD and comes up with a one and two threes.
    The Spiders 4 beats Torrels 3, so Torrel takes one wound.
    Torrels other 3 beats the spiders 2, so Torrel defends against that wound.
    Torrels one, as the defender, beats the Spiders one.
    Torrel then decides to try and save that wound with her shield, so rolls her shields AD; 2D4.
    The Spider rolls its 1 successful WD, 1D4, and rolls a three.
    Torrel rolls 2 1's, meaning that she failed to block the attack and her shield is now broken; she discards it, and decides she would rather take the wound than risk losing her breastplate.

    Torrels turn starts, and she now has 1D4 and 1D3 to hit, a weapon with a WDR of 3D4 and an overall ADR of 1D4.

    The actual combat is more interesting than that – you get to post what your character is doing and his responses to being hit, etc etc, but that is effectively how it works. Smile You can use items in combat, but you need to roll your dice against the creatures to see if the creature attacks you while you're using it.


    I am still writing the abilities (I have to make up Racial abilities and 9 different sets of abilities for 6 classes, so...yeah, it could take some time), and they will be up as soon as I've finished writing them. Just so you guys know, the WDR and ADR will be listed in the inventory next to the items under your specific character. Everybodies starting gear will have a WDR and ADR dependent on their individual weapons.

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