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    Savannah's Biography Threads

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    Savannah's Biography Threads

    Post by Savannah on Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:20 pm


    Name: Savannah Sommers
    Nick name: Sav, Savvy, Savii-Bear, Savan(Devon), Savvers (Laurel)(Come up with others)
    Age: 18 (May change depending on roleplay
    Sex: Female
    Relationship: Single
    Hair: Shoulder length bright auburn type red hair with a side sweep bang to the right
    Eyes: Ice blue
    Skin: Creamy

    Clothing: (May also change depending on the roleplay)
    Bikini: white board shorts bikini with different color polka dots all over it
    Periceings: ears, Star belly button ring

    Personality: sweet, fun, flirty, crazy, random, goofy and a little bit clumsy
    Hobbies: Horse back ridning, loves to dance, and does color guard


    Name: Angela Montgomery
    Nick name:
    Angel, Think of others...
    Relationship: Single
    Hair: Mid- back long, curly, bright auburn type red hair with a side sweep bang to the left
    Eyes: Emerald Green

    Bikini: Black board shorts bikini with different color polka dots all over it
    ears, Angel belly button ring

    Personality: Confident, fun, flirty
    Hobbies: Horse back riding, loves to dance,

    HELENA Castanova BIO!!

    Character Bio

    Name: Helena Castanova
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female

    Species: Human
    Ethnic: English
    Skin color: Pale
    Height: 5’7”Weight: 115 pounds
    Hair (color/style): Mid back golden brown hair
    Eyes: Emerald green
    Dress wear: (Will change throughout the role-play)

    About Character
    Sexuality: Straight of course
    Personality: Acts like the proper lady of the fourteenth century but can be a bit mischievous and strong willed when she wants to be.
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, looming and singing. Everything a proper lady of society is supposed to learn and know how to do. But she also likes to sword fight and archery (Thanks to her two older brothers teaching her growing up)
    preferred weapon: Bow and Arrow
    Background/secret: She’s the youngest of three children. Two older brothers and her that were raised by her father. After her mother got sick and died when I was seven. On my mother death bed my two brothers Claudius and Marcello promised to protect and take care of me. This is what they did, the best way that they knew of. This was secretly teaching me how to use a sword and bow and arrow. I was good and loved learning new things from my brothers, and they loved teaching me. I was a tom boy and also proper lady of sorts. My father hadn't a clue as to my brothers teaching I to fight and only few knights knew about our secret but they never told. Well that was up until I was 14 and my brothers were 16 and 18. Which was around the time that war broke out in England. When my brothers were called out to fight the war were my middle brother Claudius died in battle. Luckily my older brother wasn’t hurt but he was commissioned to be in charge of the guards in England. While my brothers were gone I kept to practicing what my brother taught. Until one morning my father caught me practicing my archery in the woods and banded me from practicing again. This only lasted for a little while of me begging him that we came with a deal that I could continue practicing only when there were no guests at the castle. But when there were guests I had to the perfect lady. And I couldn't practice in the woods I could only practice within the castle walls. My father feared that the enemy would be in the woods when I was and something would happen to me. Only the knights, servants, my father and brothers know of my fighting skills.

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