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    Powerful Dreams

    Daylight Shadow

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    Powerful Dreams

    Post by Daylight Shadow on Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:27 pm

    I remember the time
    When you told me everything
    Was going to be okay
    Despair courses through my veins
    As I listened to you voice
    Your being withering away
    Escaping though my fingers like air

    I couldn't save you
    Apparently no one could
    Your death sentence was decided for you
    Before you could fight back

    I was left alone, in the foul womb of night
    As darkness poured around me
    Leaving my soul lost in the wide vessel of the universe
    Hanging aimlessly and lifeless by a thread

    Silent cries ripple through my body
    Jerking and shaking it violently
    The essence of my life was stolen from me
    The moment the light in your eyes dimmed and perished

    You came to me in a dream
    Trying to reach out through your comatose paralyzed state
    For so long I couldn't feel you
    Next to me
    Around me
    Watching me from above

    Those dreams were the answers to my prayers
    All these years I longed for your touch
    Hear your voice and see your smile

    You came back to me

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