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    Blitz-N Aeon

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    Blitz-N Aeon

    Post by Brandon on Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:37 pm

    -Chapter 1-

    *Slliiiink* The slick sound of a six inch blade slowly pulling from a body is the only sound heard before a thump consecutively follows. The masked intruder steps over the now wriggling body of the dying security officer as he begins to work on disabling the alarms and cameras. A female voice clicks in his ear, "Red. How far have you gotten?" The man only pauses for a split-second before returning to work, "Disabling the security measures now. Three unconscious. One dead. So far..." The last button is pressed hastily as the sequence is finished. Emergency lighting turns on and the masked man decides it's time to move on. Slowly, he passes back into the main hallway and heads to a near-by staircase.

    The female voice comes back, starting with a sigh, "I'm assuming the one death was necessary...try not to leave too much of a trail okay? Since security is down, I'm sure a squad of Knights are soon to arrive. Be careful..." The man reaches the bottom of the seemingly infinite stairs and creeps to the door, "Yeah." Is what he simply responds with before slowly looking through as small of a gap as he could manage. The parking garage seemed empty, so he continued opening the door. Stopping at a point that would allow his thin body to slip through without making it too obvious. His hand slowly pressed the door shut behind him before he made his way through the car lot.

    A crackle is slightly heard as a male voice leaves the helmeted face of an armored being in front of an entrance, "I hate these issued guns...I wish they would give us some G/XR-Type 9's or something. At least they would be more reliable." I slight groan could be heard as the guard began to fumble with his gun in boredom. Another, dressed in similar attire responded to the first man, his western European accent poking through the mechanical translation of his words, "Bloody 'ell. You complain about that damn gun just 'bout erry time I get duty with ya. Shut the piss up mate! You don't have very many friends do ya?" The bright blue lights on their weapons and armor, blink and flicker constantly as a distraught face crosses the younger of the two guards. "Of course I have friends, you ass! I'm just tired of having problems with these damn things... you would think with all the money Frost has, he could afford better gear for his Super Top Secret Important Bullshit he hires us to guard. Whatever the hell it is..." A third voice crackles in, coming across the comm of both men, "Eyes up men. We have a possible Phantom. Security is down, found three knocked out and one dead. Lethal measures authorized."

    The third voice would fall on two more sets of deaf ears, though, as blood slowly pours from the helmet of one limp body and another crumpled and smashed into the rear window of a near-by vehicle.

    Red. Or whoever this masked man was now left; the building was in extreme dismay. A round, shiny object sitting in a plexiglass case in the passenger seat next to him as he sped out of the parking garage in a stolen Aeoux Splinter. Tinted windows, at least the previous owner had a bit of class. The streamline, center exhaust purred from the car in a low rumbling as Red made it out of the facility's fences and began pulling down the highway....headed back to his secret hide-out of course.

    -Guess I'll stop here for now. See if there's any interest.-

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