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    Emily Dott

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    Emily Dott

    Post by Avalon on Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:27 pm

    Name: Emily Dott
    Time Era: Futuristic
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 5,6”
    Build: Toned and flexible, quick on her feet. Long legs, with small, elegant feet. Willowy limbs and just enough muscle. She’s like smoke, and if she doesn’t want you to see her she won’t be seen, small enough to hide in the right places, but fit enough to get her out of a bad situation fast.
    Eyes: Almond shaped and glittering, the colour of fog over the ocean with a hint of mossy green. Sometimes in the darkness, all you can see is a catlike flash of pale green.
    Skin Colour: Creamy tan, as if she went out in the sun every day. Kissed with caramel, with small freckle-like marks dotting like constellations along her body.
    Hair: Dirty blonde, depending on the light one could see locks of near white. Her hair is very long and parted regularly in the middle, so it’s usually tied into a loose ponytail that trails down along her back, a few mischievous locks escaping.

    General Appearance: Fox-like, in the way that you can sense her analyzing both your next movement and her own with a tilt of her head. Her face is heart shaped and thin, with prominent cheekbones and very supple, large lips. Her nose is small and faintly pointed, falling under a set of mysterious pale green eyes, the kind that are always watching for the next move and glint like a cat. Her eyes are shaped by a pair of delicate eyebrows, that make her dangerous gaze a little more harmless, a few shades darker than her hair.

    Clothes: Something durable, and in an earthy color scheme and highly formal. Usually tight pants with dark brown leather lace-up boots. A high-collar off-white formal shirt, buttoned all the way up with a long pendant, glowing blue with an emergency bottle of a certain liquid drug. All topped with a long, large dark brown coat with many pockets and folds, rolled up to the elbows to reveal slim wrists covered in brown fingerless leather gloves, with a hood long enough to shadow any face.


    Scars: One on her upper lip, just a faint white line on the right side, giving her a rather feline look. Others along her body from past surgeries.

    Surgeries: Heart, liver, corneas.

    Personality: Some would call her a good Villain, but she’s not all that bad. Sure, her pretty face seems to mislead people for a while, thinking she’s harmless but she’s about as innocent as a rattlesnake, striking just as fast. She loves adventure, and has a rather…morbid sense of humor. Very mysterious, giving only bits of herself away but never enough.
    Hobbies: It won’t be difficult to figure out her rather…unique set of interests. But other than those, she loves to read, and people-watch.
    Backround: (To be explained)



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