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    So I'm going to close my eyes

    Al THLDI
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    So I'm going to close my eyes

    Post by Al THLDI on Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:24 pm

    So I'm going to close my eyes
    Maybe its all a dream
    I'll be in my teens
    And stop it all
    Maybe I could make it to be perfect.
    Maybe nothing will be broken

    Souls would be saved
    Happiness could be restored
    Sanity would be fine
    Love may be existent

    The scars wouldn't exist
    The bad memories could be dismissed
    A chance to be a person
    A chance to feel since then

    So I'm going to close my eyes
    Maybe tap my heels like Dorothy
    Wish there's no place like home
    Feel that warm embrace I once felt
    Feel that love that once existed
    Maybe I would have had a chance
    To not be broken

    I may have found love in other forms
    I may have realized friendships exist
    I may have learned and experienced life a bit
    Yet I'm broken

    So I'm going to close my eyes
    Wishing it to be all a dream
    Be back at my teens
    The walls
    The habits
    That were created for whatever reason
    Maybe they wouldn't be needed
    If I could stop it all

    So I open my eyes
    I'm back to reality.
    I'm in my mid twenties
    It was not a dream
    If I had only known what I knew now back then
    It would all have been different.

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