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    They came from Mars

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    They came from Mars

    Post by Brandon on Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:23 pm

    I think it's time to reveal the truth in regards to the origins of humanity. It's true, we originated on the planet now known as Mars. Originally, this was a lush planet with landscapes greatly similar to those of Earth. However, much like our current endeavors...we progressively sprawled out across the world and turned it into a primarily industrial planet devoid of nature and sustained through our sheer technological ingenuity. Much of our technology was derived through internal conflict, devastating wars that make those here on Earth pale in comparison. In the quest to perfect better weapons, the technological breakthroughs held alternative uses that permitted us to transcend our planet and delve beyond the stars.

    Being a warrior race, we immediately sought out advanced races to dominant so that we could further our own technological might by incorporating their own advancements into our own. At the time, we believed that establishing colonies upon other worlds wouldn't be a prudent idea when we, ourselves, could bombard an entire planet into the majority of our forces remained in specially constructed ships capable of sustaining large military forces while we ensured Mars was under constant guard as the main focus of our people.

    Our aggressive tendencies would prove to be our downfall when we came up against a vastly superior race, their weapons of a like we'd never before seen. Immediately, we found ourselves struggling...and soon pushed back to Mars itself. This relatively peaceful race had watched our march across the cosmos and decided it would be best to ensure that we couldn't continue with the wanton destruction we brought...and began to sterilize Mars and annihilate our grand monuments to greatness.

    A small clutch of us escaped via a ship with technology capable of terraforming the nearby planet we now call Earth. Those who had nearly decimated us knew of our actions, but being a more peaceful race that didn't believe in extinction of other species...decided to permit this small group the ability to start anew. Over time, we had forgotten who we once were...struggling to start a society completely from scratch with limited resources from the ship we had brought.

    This technology had broken down, and harvesting resources upon Earth without industrial support became a rather daunting task. Much of the culture was lost through each new generation, and the stories of home faded into obscurity. Even today, our former enemies watch us with a weary eye to see if we will develop into an incarnation of our previous heritage...or something more peaceful that can transcend into the stars without the wanton thirst for destruction and conquest.

    Be creative with your roles! If you can't think of one, PM me and I help you figure something out Smile

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