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    Zalgo Driim, for The Underground roleplay.

    Zalgo the Imminent

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    Zalgo Driim, for The Underground roleplay.

    Post by Zalgo the Imminent on Sun May 04, 2014 12:34 pm

    Name: Zalgo Driim
    Nicknames: Z, Maine (Sal, Callum, and Reggie only).
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Singer/Frontman for local band, Bowties and Spirals, alongside lead guitarist/backup vocalist Sal (Enchanter Mage), bass guitar/female vocals Judith Marie (Oracle Mage), backup guitarist/rapper Reggie (Markovian Vampire), and drummer Callum (Werewolf). (No character sheets for them, not playing them most of the time.)

    Species: Warlock Mage
    Skin color: White
    Tattoo: Tribal looking designs on his right arm and leg, gold on arm, black on leg.
    Height: 6'2"
    Build: Average build, lightly muscled, heavily attractive features.
    Weight: 152
    Hair (color/style): Black, kinda just sits there.
    Eyes: Gold, often hidden behind sunglasses.

    See TekTek in Signature for dressware.

    About Character
    Relationship status: Single.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Personality: Caring, but prone to outbursts of anger. Quiet unless singing. Dislikes being told what to do.
    Background/secret: Can only verbally communicate through song. Visits dead girlfriend every month on the 22nd of that month.
    Powers: Magic, primarily Illusion and Shadow Magic with some emotional magic on the side.
    Spells: Ghost Sound, Shadowstrike, Scoop, Arcane Mark, Penumbra, Spark, Open/Close, Lullaby, Message, Know Direction, Mage Hand, Dancing Lights, Daze, Ventriloquism, Silent Image, Disguise Self, Vocal Alteration, Color Spray, Bardic Performance (Fascination, Countersong, Distraction, Inspire Courage)
    Skills: (In order of best to worst) Perform (Singing), Perform (Piano/Keyboard), Diplomacy, Bluff, Spellcraft, Stealth, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Nobility [Factions leaders, government]), Intimidate, Sleight of Hand, Disguise, Linguistics.
    Innate Abilities: Takes on a shadowy form for up to 60 seconds whenever he casts a Shadow-type spell (Currently maximum of 6 seconds.). Highly resistant to sound-based and mind-affecting magic. Can ignore any material component for a spell if the component normally costs less than $50.00. Can make any spell he uses a "Deceptive Spell", making the spell seem to come from another source. Can combine his Bardic Performance spells with his other spells, i.e. Fascination with Dancing Lights, Distraction with Daze, Inspire Courage with Color Spray, etc. Can craft magic items, so long as they are not weapons, armor, rings, staves, rods, potions, wands, runes, or scrolls, and he must know a spell related to the magic effect (i.e. Disguise Self, Alter Self, Polymorph Self, Shapechange, etc. for a Glamour Amulet.)
    Languages Known: Fluent in English, Spanish, and Japanese.
    Prefered weapon: None. Prefers words to weapons.
    Virtue: Hope
    Vice: Wrath

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