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    Monique Terren - Two Worlds Roleplay

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    Monique Terren - Two Worlds Roleplay

    Post by Burn It on Mon May 12, 2014 4:44 pm

    Name: Monique Terren
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Species: Magi Mage
    Skin colour: White
    Height: 5’7”

    Physical features: Dark, bold red hair that she normally keeps up in a messy bun. Eyebrows are a dark brown. Eyes are a dark shade of brown, almost black looking.

    Family: Monique’s parents have both passed away, but she has an older brother Marcus living in England. No children

    Living: Lives in the Real World in a condo right in the center of the city.

    Role in the Real World:
    - Owner and CEO of the Earth Source Hospital, along with its three smaller branch hospitals all scattered throughout the city, River General hospital, Windy Main hospital, and Soil Central hospital. The fourth is in the making.
    - Hospitals are very well provided for; top of the line equipment and the ‘special’ employees are generously provided for  large majority of the doctors working in her hospitals are Oracles.

    Professional life:
    - After first creating ES Hospital, building the four smaller ones took no time at all – especially with the addition funding she receives from allies she has obtained over the years. Together with her allies, she has become one of the most powerful figures in the medical community.
    - Her allies require what her hospitals provide, necessities – life altering necessities that without would make living in the Real World very difficult.

    Personal History:

    Monique’s history has to do with a peace between her ancestors, a family of Oracles and a family of Magi for an exchange of services during a time of a Great War that plagued their lands. The peace resulted in a sort of oath taken by the Magi family, sealed by a union between the two families.

    Eventually these new families and old advanced with the ever growing and expanding superpower worlds. Scattered throughout the countries the people and families of this old community went their separate ways – but the oath was kept throughout the generations.

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