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    Post by Admin on Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:55 pm

    Hey guys,

    Maybe resurrection was the wrong word to use, but I have noticed that a couple of people have expressed their interest in this place years after its silence. They miss it, and I miss it, too. This community was fun, entertaining, yes it had its drama-filled moments, but generally speaking I feel like it was a positive experienced that really helped with socialization and bonding within the community, as well as practice brushing up on our writing skills.

    In my absence from this forum, I have continued being involved in moderating various other online communities, and every once in a while I have come back to Anonymatrix. Nostalgia is quite the feeling, however, one consistent dislike I have felt is Forumotion as a website base. It looks childish, is fairly messy, and has constant issues such as graphic displays, pop-up ads, and various links not working.

    So my question to you is would you be interested in maybe not a complete resurrection of this forum, but a new and improved version on a different host? I welcome any and all suggestions and feedback. Do we want a general socializing platform for this community such as a Discord server, or are we interested in a new forum for general creative writing again such as fictional work, poetry, work or school assignment or essay assistance, and text-based roleplaying (with or without dice rolls)?

    Let me know what you think and of any ideas that you may have. I shall try my best to consistently check anywhere on this site for responses (I'm assuming it could take an average of a full year for anyone to see this, judging by the date stamps on previous messages), but perhaps a better way to reach me where I am almost guaranteed to see it, is by email. So do let me know what you think, or if you simply just want to chat and catch up on life.

    Miss you all,
    Jade Hawk

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