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    Adēlos: The Forbidden Island

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    Read Me Adēlos: The Forbidden Island

    Post by Engi on Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:00 am


    The earth is a huge and beautiful planet. Scattered on it are caves and islands undiscovered by humans, untouched by pollution and war. One in particular lies protected by nature and unseen by even the cameras in the sky. Large hurricanes rage furiously around it and murderous waves smash in the surrounding waters. Clouds, seemingly storm filled and dangerous float angrily above the peaceful ground of the island.

    An uneasy and fearful feeling hangs unflinchingly over the island. The air becomes moist and cold as the clouds above begin to spin. Suddenly, a strike of lighting hits the island and the creatures, undiscovered by humans, scurry away to their homes, in caves and holes, escaping the storm. Rain bolts down from the sky like bullets and the wind blows furiously. Trees billow in the wind and dirt flies up from the ground. Then everything stops and all is silent.

    A boat washes up onto the shore.

    A small group of humans walk up on to the sand, their clothes dirty and their eyes blank.

    -Present Day-

    The humans still live on the island, their homes lie up safe in the trees. Each one connected by a bridge. Rooms are given for different purposes, some for playing and some for sleeping. They roam below only to hunt or swim.

    Dangerous creatures live below on the island; ready to kill any human who isn’t watching their back. One is a disk ant, a ring shaped brain on its back. It’s a rolling pack hunter no bigger then small bowl. When it attacks, thousands of microscopic young leap of its back and attack. You appear to melt when they nano-ants inflict their wounds. Another is a handers rat. This mammal-like relative of the mantis shrimp. It moves quickly on its nine legs, counting its tail which is used to fling it for speed. Its eight other legs are two crab claws, four pairs of mantis arms, two human like legs. There is no chance of escape.

    Welcome to adēlos.
    (idea copyright FRAGMENT by Warren Fahy)


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