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    Locked Offsite Links

    Post by Admin on Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:46 pm

    Posting offsite links is not allowed.

    If someone posts a link saying, "Go visit this site, them come back here and comment on it." The post will be deleted without warning. If this occurs multiple times by one user, that user shall be banned with no warning.

    Many of these external sites spawn pop-up ads and other annoying features, and increase the risk of picking up tracking cookies and other malware.

    So please make it possible to follow the thread discussion without clicking on external links.

    Posting links to other sites in your signature is also not allowed, nor is any form of advertising. However, posting a link to a character biography posted on Anonymatrix IS allowed, as well as posting a link to any post on Anonymatrix. However, harassment of other users to view, reply, or advertise said posts is forbidden.

    Thank you.

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