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    Summer Days

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    Summer Days

    Post by Shabamm on Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:19 pm

    Silver - Day 1

    I felt Gordon tugging on my hair, “Look, Sliver!” He never had quite got my name right, “Boat!”

    I smiled, “That's right, Gordy, it's a boat. That's our home for the next two weeks. Are you excited?”

    He giggled, “Yeah! I bought my boat with me,”

    I feigned shock, “You brought a whole boat with?!”

    He frowned, “No. I brought a small one,”

    “Good – otherwise they wouldn't let us on the big boat,” I laughed, blowing a raspberry on his cheek. He shrieked with joy, and then pointed out all the people were queuing up.

    I joined the end of the line. The cruise was destined to go to France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

    I'd had a tough year; my mum thought it would be a good idea for me to go away for a couple of weeks. It had been my idea to bring my four year old brother, Gordon, with me. I'd made sure the cruise had a daycare service, though. I'd hit the jackpot when I found out that they also had a free babysitting service for the evenings.

    After a half hour or so of waiting, I was given my key, and my bags were taken to be put in my room.

    I took my first step onto the ship, and stood in awe. It was...well, the only word for it was extravagant. The entrance opened up to a bar, complete with jazz singers and a helluva big chandelier.

    Checking that Gordon was okay, I made my way to the elevators.

    After an hour of trying to find my room, and gawking at all the flamboyant decorations, I found myself outside room 14, floor three. I shifted Gordon's weight, and pulled out the keycard I'd received. As promised, my bag, and Gordon's miniature one, were lying on top of our double bed. I put Gordon down, opening up our suitcases. I threw on my bikini with a pair of shorts and a light top over, and got Gordon to change into his swimming trunks.

    While Gordon occupied himself with his toy boat, I dialled my mum's number. She picked up on the third ring, “Hello?”

    “Hey, mum,” I smiled.

    “Silver! Oh, it's great to hear from you!”

    “Mum – it's been a day,”

    “I know, but it's weird not having you or Gordy around. How is my little boy?”

    “He's great – and no, neither of us are missing you,” I laughed. “Anyway, I was just phoning you so that you'd stop worrying, I'm gonna go explore the ship and find the daycare for Gordon,”

    “Kay – well it was lovely to hear from you. Love you,”

    “You too, talk soon,” I hung up the phone, and threw it into the safe. I'd have no use for it over the next two weeks.

    I grabbed my book, and persuaded Gordon to walk, instead of making me carry him. I went to reception to ask about where the daycare was. She pointed me in the direction of the roof. I went up the stairs, and found a kiddie's paradise. It had bright colours, with at least eight different shaped shallow pools. There were fountains and slides, and lots of toys to play with in the pools.

    Gordon shouted in excitement, pointing at everything he wanted to play with. I spotted a large group of kids playing in a pool, with a woman in uniform.

    “Hi – is this the daycare?” I questioned.

    She hopped out the pool and shook my hand, “Yes, it is. My name is Nicola,” She spoke with an accent.

    “Silver, and this is Gordon. We're here for two weeks, and Gordon is desperate to make some friends. Isn't that right, Gordo?”

    “Only if I get to play with the cool toys,” He pouted.

    Nicola laughed, “You can play with all the toys in here. Wanna join us now and meet all the kids?”

    Gordon beamed in delight, “Yes!”

    I smiled, and watched as Gordon ran off to say hi to all the kids in the pool.

    I sighed, and asked Nicola where the pool was.

    She blinked, “Which one? There's seven,”

    I spluttered, “Seven?! Er...where's the nearest one?”

    She pointed towards a door in the corner of the big room. I smiled and thanked her, then opened the door.

    I found myself outside, and it was perfect. There wasn't anyone in the pool, nor sunbathing. I kicked off my flip flops and ripped off my clothes, throwing everything onto a nearby sun bed, and dived into the pool, letting the water swallow me up whole. I swam up to the top, gulping in air, and dived back underneath. I liked to test how long I could stay underneath the water for.

    After spending fifteen minutes relaxing in the pool, I jumped out and found a towel. I dried off my hair and threw it to the side. I then noticed that someone else had joined me in my secluded area. A boy, who looked to be around my age, was sitting on the opposite side of the pool. When he noticed me looking, he quickly looked down. I smirked. I would have gone to talk to him, but I had no clue if he spoke English or not.

    I smiled at him, and then sat down to read my book. If the next two weeks were like this, I couldn't ask for anything else.

    Hope you enjoyed! sunny

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    Re: Summer Days

    Post by Guest on Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:32 pm

    Smile Yay!!

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    Re: Summer Days

    Post by Shabamm on Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:18 pm

    Jake - Day 1

    I hadn't been looking forward to this cruise. Not one bit.

    I was meant to be in Australia with a group of my friends, but because of one stupid fight in school, my parents had used that as a reason to go on a 'family-bonding' trip.

    I'd never even been in a fight before. It's not like this was a regular thing.

    After hours of waiting, and listening to my fourteen year old sister complain, we finally made it onto the ship.

    And I gotta tell you, it's not too shabby.

    A bit extravagant, but for two weeks, I can handle that.

    I was sharing a room with my sister, Lily, which would definitely be...interesting. But, I wasn't going to be spending that much time in my room, anyway. She beat me to the room, so she got the best bed, and the whole wardrobe, but I ignored her immaturity and changed into my trunks. I grabbed a top on my way out, and told Lily to tell our parents I'd be back in an hour or so. I found one of the pools – there were seven in total – and sat down on one of the seats.

    “Hey,” I turned round to see the owner of the voice; a tall boy with cropped brown hair.

    I nodded, “Hi,”

    “I'm Oli,”


    “Nice to meetcha. I got on the cruise today, how about you?” He asked, sitting down on the seat next to me.

    “Same as. I'm bored already,” I wasn't much of a conversationalist – I had my friends, and never felt the need to make new ones.

    “Me too. The cruise has this weird dance shabang going on tonight, though. It sounds pretty lame, but if I knew someone there, it might be fun – and it's a chance to meet some pretty girls,” He winked, “What do you say?”

    “Sure, haven't got anything better to do,”

    “Great – meet you here at eight?”

    “Yup. See you later,” I nodded. Oli got up and swaggered away. That's right. He, literally, swaggered.

    I decided to go out and get some fresh air, and maybe work on my tan. I climbed some stairs and found my way to the roof. I sat down, and it was only then I noticed that I had company. There was a girl, who looked to be around my age, swimming in the pool.

    Five minutes later, she got out, and looked over at me. I quickly looked away, but looked back in time to catch her smile.

    I'd never go talk to her, though – I'd be way too shy. I'd probably mess up and say something like, “Hi, it's me to nice eat you,” I've done it before.

    But, man was she pretty.

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    Re: Summer Days

    Post by Jade Hawk on Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:42 pm

    Ooo I like! Post more!

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    Re: Summer Days

    Post by Shabamm on Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:48 pm

    Silver - Evening 1

    I'd heard some people talking about a dance going on tonight. It was a chance to meet some new people – and I was never one to turn down an opportunity.

    The last few hours, Gordon hadn't quit talking about this girl he met called Abigail. He was sure they were in love. I humoured him, and told him that he could see Abigail again tomorrow as long as he promised to behave for the babysitter that was on her way up. He agreed without a seconds thought.

    I took this as a chance to get dolled up – throwing on my jeans matched with a blazer. That was simple enough, but I started to accessorize like crazy. Red lipstick, long necklace, two rings, and my lucky bracelet. I added my blue heels, and kissed Gordon, wishing him night in case it was past his bedtime when I got back. I quickly debriefed the babysitter, a short, sweet looking girl called Mira, on Gordon's bed time and what they could do to keep him entertained.

    I made my way to where the dance was being held – I'd worked it out earlier. I stepped in and took a seat near the bar. I ordered a coke, and started looking round the room. It was hard to see, as it was quite dark, but I managed to make out some faces. A couple seats down from me where two boys who looked kinda bored. I tried to work out whether they spoke English, and after five minutes of listening intently to any words I could catch of theirs, I figured they almost definitely did.

    I hopped off my barstool and walked over to where they were. I cleared my throat, and they both turned to stare at me, “Er – hey, do you guys speak English?”

    The brown haired boy smirked, “Yep,”

    I grinned in relief, “I don't think you understand how great it is to hear someone speak English without an accent!”

    “Tell me about it – I'm Oli,” He winked.

    “Silver,” I turned to the other boy, who hadn't said a word, yet.

    “Jake,” He said, quietly.

    “Well, it's lovely to meet you both!” I laughed.

    Oli stood up, and offered me his hand, “Would you like to have this dance?”

    “Of course,” I said, in my best posh voice, “Wanna come with, Jake?”

    He shook his head, “I'm good, thanks,”

    “Kay – well, see ya in a minute, buddy,” Oli winked at him, and lead me to the dance floor.

    A loud song was on, so we started dancing to the beat. But, every time Oli would try get his hands on my waist, I would find a reason for them not to be there. I didn't know why, it's not like it meant anything, but it just didn't feel right.

    When the song was over, I pulled him back to the bar to finish my coke. My favorite song came on – 100 Suns, by 30 Seconds to Mars.

    I turned to Jake, “Come on – you're turn,” I laughed.

    He looked taken aback, “I'm not a dancer...” He muttered.

    “You just have to sway. I don't bite,” I teased.

    He finally got off his seat, and let me lead him to the floor. He stood there awkwardly, and I rolled my eyes, placing his hands on my waist. I rested my hands on his shoulders, and we started to sway. “See – easy,” I whispered. There was something about this boy that got my heart racing.

    “I guess,” He smiled.

    “I like your smile,” I grinned.

    He blushed, “And I yours,”

    I don't know whether it was because it was dark, or because we were on a cruise in the middle of summer, but I know I've never wanted a boy to kiss me this much in my life.

    “I hope you don't think I'm usually like this,” I frowned.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Dancing, and flirting, with every guy. That wasn't even my intention,”

    “Didn't think it was,” He smiled, sweetly.

    It was only then I noticed, “Er – Jake, the songs kinda over,” I laughed.

    “It is? Oh – you're right,” He chuckled nervously.

    “Wanna get out of here?”

    He nodded, “But what about Oli?”

    I pointed behind him, “He looks occupied,” I giggled. Oli was currently in a corner, making out with a blonde girl.

    “Sure – where do you wanna go?”

    An evil smile grew on my face, “What about the pool?”

    Re: Summer Days

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:23 pm

    Lol :p
    More Smile
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    Re: Summer Days

    Post by Engi on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:44 pm

    I have to critisize this? T__T It was very nice though. I'm not a huge fan of love stories, but this one I enjoyed. Alright.. What to pick at... =\ I hate to force myself to do this, because it is a very well written piece. The plot, although it is a love story, you dont find many boat stories anymore >.< But you could add a little more details into it. Not too much though, please. I'm having some problems imagining what the characters are like, which is fine with the mystery if specific parts of them dont get mensioned to much.

    anyway, I really do love it!

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    Re: Summer Days

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