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    I Loved You From The Start


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    I Loved You From The Start

    Post by NeverGiveUpOnLove<3 on Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:49 pm

    "River! Wake up!" my Dad yelled up the stairs. I groaned and pushed my face to the pillow. "Rivvy!" Dad called. "River Mallory Greene! If I have to come up there!" he warned. I lifted my head.
    "I'm up!" I yelled. I sat up in bed. Arizona, my little black kitty, brushed up against me. Her little blue eyes looking up at me.
    "Good morning my little baby." I kissed her. She 'mewed' and closed her eyes as I scratched her ears. A month ago I got Ari, and I love her. She hissed at me as I moved her.
    "Be nice Ari!" I poked her nose. She playfully bit my finger. Ari doesn't bite to hurt though, shes an adorable kitty cat. And she loves her Mommy. I skipped to the bathroom. Ari fallowing close behind, her tail in the air. I undressed and started the shower. I finished and got dressed. I pulled on my a plain black v-neck, light skinny jeans and my purple converse. I pulled on my purple Bench sweater, put my iPod and cell phone in my pocket and skipped downstairs.
    "Good morning Mom." I smiled.
    "Morning baby." she kissed my forhead.
    "Mornin' sweetie." Dad kissed my forhead.
    "Good morning Daddy." I kissed his cheek. I grabbed a bottle of water and my keys.
    "Ari?" I called. Arizona ran down the stairs. "Goodbye baby, Mommy's gonna miss her little girl today." I kissed Ari. She mewed. I ran out the door and hopped in my car. I got to school at went to my locker. Aiden, my best friend, was at his thats three down from mine. I hugged him.
    "Ugh! I missed you this month!" I told him. He laughed and hugged back.
    "I missed you too. What did you do for the month?" he asked.
    "Got a kitty." I smiled.
    "Really? Can I come see him after?"
    "Her! Arizona is a her! And yes, you can come see my baby." I giggled a little. He shook his head.
    "Mom and Dad want you to come over after school." he looked through his locker. Aiden is Hannah and Jake's son. Hes a year younger than me, but the grades are mixed in classes a lot around here, so we're in the same class a lot.
    "Alright." I said. I put my bookbag on my shoulder and walked off to meet my best friend Samantha in our homeroom. I smiled as I spotted Samantha.
    "Rivvy!" she hugged me.
    "Samy!" I hugged her too. I looked her over. Her curly brown hair came to her shoulders, her big brown eyes were shining as usual. Her full pink lips were in a smile. Shes gorgeous.
    "How was your summer?" she asked. She had gone to visit her family over the summer.
    "Pretty boring. I got a kitty!" I told her.
    "Awh! Really? Whats his name?" she aksed. Another person who thinks I got a boy cat!
    "Arizona is a girl!" I snapped.
    "Sorry." she giggled. I smiled at her. The teacher walked in. I turned around in my seat and just sat there until math class.

    I sat in math class. Waiting all alone for the teacher. Samy and Aiden are in diffrent classes.
    "Good morning class. We're going to have such a fun year! I'm Mr.Jenkins." he said. Wait...when did we all turn into a room full of five year olds? God, its going to be an annoying year is more like it! I zoned out.
    "Excuse? Miss Greene!" the man snapped at me.
    "Huh? Sorry." I mumbled. He grunted and kept on writing notes. Thats more like a highschool teacher! Good for you bud, your catching on! I laughed to myself and wrote down notes.
    "Go to page twenty four, complete questions one,two,three,four,five,and six." he demanded. From grade one teacher to dickhead? Hello Mr.Bipolar! Aren't I such a good girl?
    "Mr.Bi-Jenkins, I need help."I smiled sweetly.
    "Kay sweetie, whats troubling you?" he asked. More mood swings, I told him the problem and he helped me.
    "Thank you sir! I'll see you tomorrow!" I smiled.
    "See you River." he mumbled. I walked to my locker.
    "Hey Aiden, who've you got next?" I asked.
    "Uh...Mr....Jenkins." he muttered. I burst out laughing. "Whats wrong?" he asked.
    "You'll see my friend, you'll see." I giggled and walked away.

    Before I knew it, the day was over. I have two periods with Mr.Bipolar! Just my luck. I walked to my car and drove home.
    "Ari?" I called as I opened the door. My pretty kitty pounced at the monkey on my socks. "Silly baby! You can't eat Momma's socks!" I cooed.
    "Momma? Baby? Yep, my girls lost it." I turned to Aiden. Ari hissed at him.
    "Ari!" I tapped her head. She jumped out of my arms and struted into the living room. "Blah." I called after her.
    "So, Mr.Jenkins...." I started. Aiden made a graoning growl noise.
    "You mean Mr.Bipolar?" he asked. I started giggling. See why we're best friends. I streched up to pat his black hair, looking at his blue eyes.
    "Hey Aiden! You and Ari can be twins!" I began to giggle harder.
    "You my dear, are crazy."
    "You love me though!" I smiled widely.
    "That I do." he kissed my forhead. My best friend....



    Arizona (Ari) <3-
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    Re: I Loved You From The Start

    Post by Shabamm on Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:34 pm

    Arizona is absolutely adorable! Very Happy <33

    There's some flow issues, but apart from that - this is good =]

    Re: I Loved You From The Start

    Post by Guest on Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:50 am

    Agreed with above.
    There's a lot of dialogue O.o Also work with more actions and character thoughts?
    When are you posting more?

    Re: I Loved You From The Start

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:30 am

    Although I am not a fan of the 'girl falls in love with best friend' (only because it has been done to death mind you) I liked this, simple characters and a good story, yes a little broken, there are ways it could have flowed more easily and I would have liked some more deatail but please post more.

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    Re: I Loved You From The Start

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