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    Twice Upon A Time

    Jade Hawk

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    Twice Upon A Time

    Post by Jade Hawk on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:03 pm

    I was commissioned into writing a children's story. My mum's friend, an older gentleman, reads his granddaughter a bedtime story every night, and always begins "Twice upon a time". Then she says, "No, Granddad! It's ONCE upon a time!" and this man has tried to find a story beginning "Once upon a time" for months, and finally came to me asking me to write an illustrate it. I agreed and it's taken me a while to think up the topic, but it was fun. The two rabbits in my story are my real life rabbits, Fudge and Fluffy (although Fluffy is technically Jake's). Poor Fudge died a few weeks ago (RIP) but he is definitely still loved, as is Fluffy. Their personalities really show in this story. Fudge was adventurous and playful, and Fluffy was timid and shy, but had an obsession with rearranging the furniture in her hutch and loved digging. So this is the story I came up with, beginning "Twice upon a time".

    Twice upon a time, there were two little rabbits. One was called Fudge, and the other was called Fluffy. Fudge and Fluffy were best friends. Fudge lived in an old shoe box amongst the grass, and he loved to run around outside and feel the sunlight on his fur. He was very happy. Fluffy lived in a small hole under a tree, and she loved to dig and decorate her hole with twigs and leaves. She was very happy.

    One day, Fudge decided he was going to invite Fluffy over for a sleepover. So that night, Fluffy spent the night with Fudge in his box. But Fluffy didn't like it. She couldn't dig in his box, and it was cold at night and the grass made scary shadows on the walls. Fluffy wasn't very happy.

    The next morning, Fluffy had an idea. Because Fudge was so kind as to let her spend the night in his shoe box, Fluffy would invite Fudge over for a sleepover. So that night, Fudge spent the night with Fluffy in her little hole. But Fudge didn't like it. He couldn't run around in the grass, he became very hot at night, and he missed feeling the sunlight on his fur. Fudge wasn't very happy.

    The next morning, Fudge and Fluffy thanked each other for the fun times they had, but decided that their own homes were best. But when Fudge slept by himself in his box, he felt lonely and missed Fluffy. And when Fluffy slept alone in her little hole, she felt lonely and missed Fudge. So they both came up with a plan.

    Fudge and Fluffy worked together, and while Fudge was finding a brand new shoe box, Fluffy dug a hole in the ground. The put the shoe box in the hole, and they went inside. This was perfect! Fudge ran around the sun and the grass, then went back inside the box in the hole. It wasn't too hot inside, and he could still play. Fudge was very happy! Fluffy put a hole at the bottom of the box. She could still dig. She went outside and collected a few twigs and leaves, then put them in the box in the hole and decorated her new home. It wasn't too cold inside either. Fluffy was very happy!

    Together, Fudge and Fluffy lived in their shoe box in the hole, and played all day and collected twigs and leaves together. The two best friends had never been happier, so I'll say this TWICE:

    The End,
    The End.

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    Re: Twice Upon A Time

    Post by Guest on Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:12 am

    that was cute and awesome, you are a great writer jade

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