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    Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

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    Update Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Banather on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:33 pm

    (This is an attempt to re-start an RP that people seemed to enjoy, that I originally posted fairly early on in AMX's existence.)

    It's a story that begins with death - with your death.
    Why did the Reaper reach out for you before your time? Why was it that you fell between the cracks?
    Do you remember the flare of the gun or the sharpness of the knife?
    Do you remember the gnawing emptiness or the choking thickness of disease?
    Did you fall across the Threshold alone in the wild, or in the heart of the city?

    The story begins there - with the moment of death, and with the Bargain that reversed it.
    With the cold hand that brought you back to the living world, with the dry whispers that still haunt you, with the presence that has nestled in your soul.

    You've returned to a world where the living cannot see the shades that surround them. Every night is the carnivale, because every night you walk with ghosts.

    Death is a door. Your the one with the key.

    In Geist, you were an ordinary human, who happened to be placed in the most extraordinary set of circumstances imaginable. You have died, or had a near death experience, and been pulled back from the brink by a Geist. These are powerful spirits, and all they ask in return is to use you as a host vessel, so that they might experience a twisted form of life once again. Another side effect, beyond simply living, is access to otherworldly powers. You have become a Sin Eater.

    The setting is New York City, present day.

    Things to choose:
    Are you a member of an existing Krewe? Krewe's are groups of Sin-Eaters that have already joined together, into a sort of family.

    Threshold: How did you die? There are five thresholds, each being a broad description of your death. They also determine the nature of your powers. All powers exist in the form of being able to manipulate the associated spectrums. For example, a Stricken Sin-Eater can control water, and create Illusions.

    The Torn: Death by Violence, Passion and Stigmata (Blood and The Undead) powers
    The Silent: Death by Deprivation, Stillness (Stealth and Silence) and Wind
    The Prey: Death by Nature, Primeval (Animals) and Earth
    The Stricken: Death by Illness, Phantasm (Illusion), and Water
    The Forgotten: Death by Chance, Industrial (Machines and technology) and Fire.

    Here are some universal abilities all Sin Eaters share. You can see ghosts, and must actively concentrate to not see them. You can also speak to and understand ghosts, regardless of what language they spoke in life. You heal from injuries unnaturally fast. And finally, you have a sixth sense, with which you can sense the presence or recent presence of the dead.

    I am using my Logan Corvo bio, with my Threshold as the Forgotten, and was killed when a car's tire blew out, and swerved into him. He is now the leader of a small Krewe, and, thanks to his Geist, has developed a good understanding of his powers, as well as the nature of Sin-Eaters.

    Once enough people have joined, I'll start.

    Logan Corvo - The Forgotten, hit by a Car
    Akimaru Inzuka - The Torn, beheaded
    Faith Wynters - The Silent, starved to death
    Capri (don't know what name/bio you're using) - The Silent, starved and drowned
    Jade Hawk - The Forgotten, fell out of a tree
    Mireya - The Stricken - Mental patient that jumped off a roof.

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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Guest on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:42 pm

    same as last time, ill be the torn.

    was murdered by being beheaded.
    Faith Wynters
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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Faith Wynters on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:46 pm

    I don't know what I wanna be..

    I am using the Faith Wynters/Fantasy Bio
    After the unfortunate accident of a knife to the chest after slipping on abit of water in her resturant, (I'm assuming that's Death by chance? I unno)
    Faith has yet to find herself in a crewe, can barley control her powers properly, and is having a hard time fitting into this new life...
    (Tell me if that's not right)

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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Capri on Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:25 pm

    Hmm. I'm thinking Death by Deprivation.


    Stolen. That's what she was. Ripped from the clutches of her home by the most evil of men. A man who likes torture. Could you imagine...someone locking you in a cold, damp room? could you imagine not seeing the light for months on end? Could you imagine being starved...starved for weeks...thirsty...the pit of your stomach seeming to eat away at itself? Then...

    Could you imagine that evil, evil man finally bringing you away from that room, into the cold, night air? Practically dragging your bony body through the frost, telling you that you were going home? That mixture of emotions? Was that joy? Mingled with fear? Yes. Lies.

    Could you imagine...being brought to the end of the dock...standing there in your bare feet, shivering above the dark, churning sea? Or that wicked smile on the face of the man who'd torn apart your life? That one last, silent moment, before his arms shoot out? Your body flying into the black pit of water? And the can see him hold out his hand toward you, wickedly grinning...just out of reach?

    How about not being able to fight it? Not being able to reach for the hand?

    And sinking straight to the bottom?

    Blackness surrounding you? Your lungs filling with water?

    Could you imagine?

    She can.
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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Jade Hawk on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:37 am

    Put me down as the same character as before please and thank you.

    Running wolf
    Faith Wynters
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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Faith Wynters on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:21 am

    Tell me if I need to change again Ban :]

    New Role Thing:
    Death by violence: (I think)::
    Faith died in a way no mother or father wants to hear about. She was one of the higher in what she did. She had respect, and likes to keep it that way, showing all that opposed her rule how low they were in twisted sick ways.

    Of course, Faith came to her bloody end on one December 25th in the snow. The police arrived after a gang shoot-out to find Faith missing, her body in an unknown location. The police decided she was just another missing person’s case and shut it without thought.

    Unknown to others Faith went through a week of the same sick carnage of her own creation before she finally died of starvation. After words she had a total of seven missing fingers, two missing toes, two broken ankles, and had been water boarded a number uncountable to us.

    She has yet to find any Crewe she can trust, and has been unable to control her powers after such an unsettling demise.


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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Mireya on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:50 pm

    Hmm, a challenge. I'll take the stricken. Tell me if it checks out, yeah? Smile

    Death by Illusions of an ailing mind:
    The pathetic creature grew up in a well off household. They had neither wealth nor poverty nipping at their heels. She had a mother a father and two little brothers, but that was before the attacks started happening. She would scream and thrash about with such fervor her family believed it to be the work of a demon that had possessed her body and mind. There came a time when she could not even speak with coherent words. She was promptly carted off to the sanatorium where doctors in the yet budding science of psychology poked and prodded her mind trying to ascertain the reason for her illness.

    She whales and moaned and thrashed about injuring countless orderlies until it was spoken of that she would be lobotomized and killed to save them the trouble of dealing with her, when in all but an instant, her attacks stopped. Her ranting and thrashing stopped, giving way into a sullen melancholy. She could speak, but all she did was moan like a man given to the hands of death.

    She told stories of ghosts haunting her. She drew pictures upon pictures of the creatures that she said followed her. She gave each of them names, and claimed the horrible things they whispered to her ears were not of this world. She begged for priests, but no one could help her.

    She was lulled to restless sleep one night. The guards were fatigued and the nurses didn't lock her door tight enough. She wandered to the roof, and as though pushed by unseen hands, she dove from the rooftop to the ground below. She awakened some time later buried in a nearby cemetery, a nightmarish awakening, but she was there.

    To that end...she's been in this state of half-life for quite some time. Razz One might think it would give her some time-worn wisdom, and it does...but those demons still very much plague her mind. <3
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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

    Post by Eri on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:04 pm

    can i join?

    I can be a Tom

    Can I use my Yuka profile? (sorry this is my 1st rp on this site so I'm going to need some help on how the character things work)

    Death by Violence: Yuka's parents ran a huge computer company in Japan. After school she was out with her friends when her friends lured her into an ally and gave her to the mafia for money. The kidnappers then dragged her to a warehouse, tied her up and tortured her until her parents sent a release fee. After getting the money they dumped her over a waterfall.

    Yuka woke up in a plushy room in a frilly dress surrounded by dolls. She looked around the room. There was a man looming over her arranging the dolls. She blinked up at him. He yelled and backed into a wall. Yuka looked around and stood up testing her hands and feet. She picked up a doll and stuffed it into the mans mouth to stop his yelping. she laughed as he suffocated.

    And that is how her 1/2 life began. Smile yayayay!

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    Update Re: Geist: The Sin Eaters (V2.0)

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