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    From a past of thoughts.

    Shards of Mirrored Beauty
    Shards of Mirrored Beauty

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    From a past of thoughts.

    Post by SinsOfEli on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:21 pm

    I give my life, to you... and everything we do..
    All hope is in you..
    And all the things we dream to do.
    Every where I go from here
    is a place i wish to be,

    Closer to you.. Closer to us..
    Closer to a world that can set me free,
    take away the pain.. All of my shame.
    Un mask my only suffering..
    Give me my life..
    my life with You..
    All of the prayers i've prayed
    were for you And me to make it
    through the solitude of nights
    and the bitter tears of pain
    All the things i've asked of him,
    were in the name of you in me
    Togeather.. to make and be ok..

    And It's You That I need..
    And It's You that means everything
    And My world exists for you..
    All That I do.. Every single move..
    All the breath that I take..
    All For You.- K Eli S

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