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    Read Me Veronica.....

    Post by Guest on Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:43 pm

    Veronica Vonz was looking for her pearl blue shoes to go with her beautiful light blue dress. She was more than half annoyed with the fact that she had to even wear a dress in the first place. She sat in front of her dresser and looked down at her first new set of make up, then looked up at the mirror and looked at herself. She blinked a few times looking into her light coffee eyes. She still didn’t understand why did they have to force her to go to this stupid party? Her mother said it was important that she introduced herself to society since they recently moved into this lame-o ass town, where there was practically nothing to do and no where to really go. In conclusion, what better way was there to introduce one self to society than the spring dance? Pfft that was ridiculous, Veronica thought to herself as she got her comb and started to pass it through auburn wavy hair, which was only at shoulder length. She sighed as she set her comb down and picked up the eyeliner. She felt incredibly odd as she tried to apply the eyeliner. It took her some time to get it done. Then she picked up the lip liner, traced her lips just as she had seen her mother do hers several times before, ad did the same with the lipstick. Later she applied some light blush on her cheeks, and then looked back at herself in the mirror. She saw a total new person there. It was no longer the usual Veronica Von with a plain T with a hoody and no gack on her face. She got up from her chair taking her shoes along with her towards her bed, sat down and slipped them on her feet. Once she was done she took a deep breath in and walked out of her room, down the stairs where her parents were already waiting for her.

    “Oh Veronica you look so beautiful.” Her mother squealed with utter joy and as a response, Veronica simply smiled bashfully, rolled her eyes and then looked at her father who seemed to be grinning widely, then he cleared his throat, “Okay ladies we don’t want to arrive any later than what we already are.” They all walked out and got in the car. Her father started the engine and they were on their way to the dance.

    “Well Veronica, I hope you are at your best behavior. Do not forget to sit down properly, and when I say sit down properly that means with your legs closed, and knees crossed. Remember you are a girl, not a boy.” Her mother told her.

    “Yes mom, you don’t have to go telling me this…” She mumbled under her breath. Then her mother shook her head. “I don’t know honey. Sometimes I have to repeat things a thousand times to you so that eventually you may get it and have it sink in.”

    “Girls don’t start now please? We nearly there.” Said the father interrupting them just incase they would start another possible argument. Didn’t take them long to arrive. Her father parked the car and they all got down heading towards the entrance. Yes as usual, they arrived late. Their tables were already assigned, as they continued walking in some town people friends of her father were greeting them already. Veronica decided that it would be best if she just went along to take a seat and looked around. She was already utterly bored out of her mind. Her mother was chattering on about with some friends too. Seems like everyone blended in except her. She was the outcast in the party, the outcast in the town. Veronica had noticed several guys, but none of them seem to appeal to her, and same with the girls. Well maybe there were one or two at her high school which called her attention, but the minute the opened their mouth, clear disappointment. People in this town were far too conservative for Veronica’s tastes.

    Alicia Truffle, a pretty long blonde pale pinkish skin cerulean-eyed girl, was walking down the dance floor looking incredibly striking with her rosy pink dress. It wasn’t too long at length, neither it was too short, but enough to keep one interested. Just how an essay paper should be, Veronica thought to herself. Now why hadn’t she noticed this girl much in school? Oh yes…because she wasn’t wearing her beautiful hair in a ponytail, nor was she wearing glasses, and wasn't dressed in clothing that wouldn’t favor her figure. She wasn’t a slim girl, but neither was she considered to be fat. In that dress, she looked spectacular and Veronica didn’t seem to be able to quite take her eyes off Alicia, and she knew she should have already by now before Alicia would realize she was being stared at, or more like checked out… Alicia was smiling at some guy who seemed to have approached towards her asking for a dance. David Chapel, he was known for his dancing skills, so had Veronica heard from her mother in her numerous chatter about what to do, who were the people to hang with, and what was what in this town. It was actually quite amusing to find the dorky clumsy girl from school to be dancing along so smoothly like she owned the dance floor and look so graceful while at it. Yes this girl sure had Veronica’s attention. Of course there were other girls dancing but for some reason none looked as good as Alicia.

    It seemed like Alicia noticed some one was staring at her. She hoped it be some guy who would do so, but nope it was Veronica Vonz the new girl in town. Now why of all people would she be staring at her? Had she done something to her? Had someone said something about her? Or did she have something wrong with her? She was starting to get a bit self-conscious but chose not to worry and enjoy the dance. Maybe after her dance she could approach Veronica, see what’s up, get a hint for why the stare?

    After a few more dances Alicia got the nerves to draw near towards Veronica’s able which was empty since her parents were off socializing and dancing themselves.

    “Hi.” Alicia said shyly at Veronica who was carrying a wide smile across her face. She did look kind, thought Alicia to herself so why would it be for a mean thing her reason for staring at her? “Hello.” Veronica answered back, “Want to sit?” She offered the chair right next to her. Alicia smiled and took the seat. “My name is Alicia.” She introduced herself as Veronica nodded, “Oh I know that.” Alicia wasn’t sure if she should be flattered over this or concerned. “Oh well that’s good.­ I think…” Veronica chuckled a bit. “What!” Alicia asked, and Veronica shook her head, “Nothing, you just have the cutest expressions.” She said while simply shrugging. This was true, and it seemed all too appealing to Veronica. Alicia smiled, and they both continued talking along. Before they knew it Veronica’s parents came by and said they were leaving. It had gotten extremely late, or more like early in the morning, all depends on how one would like to see it. Wasn’t long before Alicia’s parents came along as well and were read to head back home.

    Who could not love mornings? Yep Alicia could. She woke up, stretching herself and searching for her alarm clock. It was on the floor, and when she saw the time she practically flipped. She must have unconsciously attempted to shut her alarm off when it first buzzed and dropped it to the floor. It was nine, and she should have been up at eight! She jumped out of her bed got herself ready to head to school. Whenever the town had dances like last night and knew that most likely no one would arrive early at home, they would start classes later than the usual the next day. She headed towards the kitchen and quickly fixed something up for breakfast and got in her car. Her parents seemed to be still in their bed, which was a good thing, or else she sure would hear a lecture about her not being able to wake up on time.

    Finally she arrived a school and went straight to counseling to ask for a pass so she could enter her class. She jogged down the hallway straight to her locker so she could take out her English book, which would be needed for her class right now. Once she was done she quickly rushed towards her class, knocked on the door, excused herself to the teacher and handed out her tardy pass. Her favorite spot was taken. She sighed, but then smiled when seeing that the next available seat was right next to her newly found friend Veronica.

    “Morning sleepy head.” Veronica said. She didn’t laugh but by looking into her eyes one could tell she was laughing from inside. Alicia managed to get herself settled and smiled at Veronica, “My alarm went off and I didn’t hear it.”

    “ I can see that. Good thing class is entirely boring. You really haven’t missed much besides Mr. Thompson’s usual spitting on and about. Jessica caught passing a note to Jeffery, Dana nearly tripping on a piece of paper, which could have been easily confused as a banana peel… ” Veronica had said this with such a humorless face, that it made it all sound and seem funnier yet. Alicia did her best to withhold a giggle but total fail.

    “Miss Truffle? Is there something you would like to share along with the class?” Seemed like Mr. Thompson didn’t appreciate the distraction in class. Of course, what serious teacher who actually seemed to give a class appreciates such a thing right? “No Sir, I’m sorry.” Alicia responded. It could possibly be the first time for Mr. Thompson to be calling her attention. Veronica grinned a bit seeing Alicia’s body language. Like little girl who just got scolded over breaking something or some sort.

    “What are you grinning about?” Alicia whispered to Veronica. “Nothing, just…are you always the well behaved, proper good girl?” She asked, and Alicia smiled and shrugged, “Seems to be so, now shhh before you get me in trouble again.” Alicia turned and tried to focus on the class lecture while Veronica just seem to grin a bit more while the song ‘good girls go bad’ played in her head. Oh yes she thought, this would be a fun ride…

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