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    Life Questions

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    Life Questions

    Post by Eri on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:08 pm

    I also wrote this poem a while ago... It is really slightly disturbing. please ignore the disturbingness. I wrote it after watching Inception. -_-

    Who are you?
    Who am I?
    What is this?

    What is life?
    Is it but a prelude to death?
    Is death the ultimate grace?
    What is suicide?

    The sole answer to life it must be
    Why do we stand her waiting?
    If everyone dies then death must be
    more important than life
    Suicide is the only answer

    Let us jump
    you and me together
    to the ultimate answer
    the only truth

    It doesn't matter what we are here...
    who we are here...
    death is the most important thing
    the only important thing...

    You wont go you say
    why not?
    we sill both go one way or another
    why not both go at once,

    You protest now
    you will thank me later
    the only chance, the only option
    do not try to escape

    On three we go
    So sad I need to help you there with rope
    let us go together to our future


    Re: Life Questions

    Post by Guest on Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:41 am

    Survival is out true nature. OUr true instinct.
    Our judgements may get clouded in certain times, but death sucide never an answer.

    My two cents.

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