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    Going Crazy (long)

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    Old Going Crazy (long)

    Post by Sweet_Insanity92 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:33 pm

    Going crazy isn't as bad as it seems.
    When your mind finally snaps
    life just turns into one big dream.
    You just seem to drift,
    not caring about anything.
    You're heart shuts down
    and emotions are a thing in the past.
    Thoughts you would never let yourself think
    suddenly flood your head,
    and you let them in,
    and you keep thinking them,
    over and over.

    People suddenly become things;
    things to play with,
    things to study and observe,
    things to think about
    and wonder about.
    Have you ever noticed certain things?
    Things about people?
    How they walk, how they talk?
    Have you really paid attention
    to a person's every move?
    Isn’t it intriguing
    How people become interesting?

    When you finally go crazy
    nothing matters anymore.
    consequences all of a sudden become games,
    and you play with you mistakes
    like a game of chess.
    You just don't care what happens,
    you just live, and continue to exist.
    Life's too short to care,
    Life's too short too hurt,
    too short to cry.
    So laugh. Laugh laugh laugh.
    Who cares what you look like, you're crazy.

    Every now and then your brain falls in love,
    with a person, a feeling, a thing.
    oh yes, things. Many things.
    And you become obsessed
    and you continue to obsess
    until your brain gets bored of it.
    Then you go back to drifting,
    not caring, not really thinking,
    until something else comes along
    and your head decides it needs something to do,
    so you find yourself obsessing
    all over again.

    Pacing, walking, fidgeting, and shaking.
    Always moving; can’t stay still.
    Swaying as you drift, rocking as you think.
    I don’t want to sit still,
    I might disappear if I stop moving;
    I might harden like a rock,
    or melt like the wet witch.
    I don’t know why
    but my body and brain say keep moving.
    So I do.
    And I pace, and I walk and I fidget and I shake,
    and I don’t disappear.

    Insomnia is a big part of craziness,
    or maybe your mind just doesn’t care about sleep,
    maybe you’re body starts thinking it doesn’t need it,
    doesn’t want it.
    Tiredness vaporizes into dust
    and the morning hours come and go.
    And you feel like you’re waiting for something,
    or for someone.
    But nothing is there to wait for.
    Just stay awake and wait for nothing,
    wait for physical control to take over
    and take you under.

    Silence is no longer tolerable,
    the quietness starts to scare you.
    If it's quiet for too long
    your mind will make up noises,
    and it's scary.
    Silence becomes a monster,
    and it grows
    and grows.
    It attacks and does all that it can
    to find a noise somewhere.
    A scream is noise;
    my throat aches to let one out.

    I'm going crazy.
    I'm limitless.
    I can do whatever I want,
    but I really don’t care to do anything at all.
    I'll just sit here,
    and think, and exist.
    and laugh.
    and obsess.
    And hopefully not get locked up
    and thrown in the loony bin.
    But then again, what do I care?
    I'm crazy.
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    Old Re: Going Crazy (long)

    Post by redabashedenigma on Mon May 09, 2011 1:54 pm

    ..................i love you. i don't think i can say anything else to this...

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