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    RED: Part 1, stay tuned for more! lol

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    RED: Part 1, stay tuned for more! lol

    Post by WackyWildChild on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:45 am

    60 seconds..... prepare to fire thrusters and extend legs.
    Roger.....50 seconds.
    Hold it...Hold it.....
    40 seconds. Mark!
    Hit thrusters 2,3 and 5 now
    Roger that sir, nice and smooth, we just need to angle the rocket 45 degrees down.
    Compensating Gravity.
    Good, how are the other guys?
    Their systems are in the green, bet they are sweating to.
    Heh...yep, not everyday you make history.
    We are history....sir.
    HAHA! smart boy. Now I know how you got this job.
    My stunning good looks and addictive personality?
    And there's the answer. Let finish this nice and easy Kyle.
    Yes sir.

    End of Part 1

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