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    Haven't written in awhile...

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    Haven't written in awhile...

    Post by redabashedenigma on Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:24 pm

    To the passing of a loved one

    You used to shine
    With a radiance near the sun
    You used to laugh
    With exuberance stronger than a newborn baby
    You used to cry
    With no shame
    You used to explore
    With no fear of falling

    There was a glint of happiness
    And a pinch of fear
    Your skin was cracked
    But your heart was pure
    Nobody tried to fix you
    Because you didn’t appear broken
    You lived your life
    Without a need to fear death

    If I had known
    I would have said so much
    If only somebody had warned me
    Maybe I could have prevented it
    Maybe I could have seen it coming
    But my vision kept worsening
    I wasn’t prepared
    For the passing to come

    You left me ripped and torn
    You left me to fend for myself
    You left me with a gaping hole
    In the middle of my chest
    Where have you gone?
    Why can’t I feel?
    Am I doomed to this
    Encompassing, wrenching, thwarting
    Need, desire, longing
    To fix, heal, improve, and save
    The world?
    I lost you to death
    My soul
    Why can’t I find the world instead?

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