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    Post by redabashedenigma on Wed May 18, 2011 11:48 pm


    I bare a mask
    In which you can hide behind
    Share all your secrets
    And they shall be mine.

    Sit in the confessional
    Of my heart
    And let it all out,
    I’m sworn to secrecy, take a part.

    Speak the truth,
    I shall not dare.
    Unless you tell me to do so,
    I surely do swear.

    If one could autopsy
    Everything behind my mask,
    It would surely kill them,
    I’m a poisonous flask.

    I hold all the keys
    To the world of despair
    If you want to enter,
    You shouldn’t dare.

    Share your secrets,
    And leave them be,
    I’ll surely guard them,
    For I cannot flee.

    You feel that way, you say?
    Add it to my mask,
    I’ll guard it for you,
    I’ll take on the task.

    You may think you are in control,
    But as soon as you pass me,
    The control becomes all mine,
    And the gatekeeper wins decree.

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