Needs a couple guys for two roleplays I want to do. [OLD]

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    Needs a couple guys for two roleplays I want to do. [OLD]

    Post by Savannah on Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:22 pm

    I have a couple role plays I want to do. But I need two guys to join them with me. So I thought I would put the link and setting description up here, hoping someone would be interested. So please at least give it a try Very Happy

    1) Title: Was I just another girl in the crowd?

    Setting: You αre a famous singer in one of my friends favorite band -whαtever bandname you want.- Me αnd a couple of friends score some front row seats to see your show. Our eyes meet when your were playing one of your sets for the audience. You end up doing a great concert and all the girls are surronding you and the band trying to get you to notice them but you cαn't stop thinking about the girl. Do you try to find me or αm I just αnother girl at one of your concerts? Am I α girl thαt goes falling for a famous singer, or do I plαy hαrd to get? There is only one way to find out.

    (Note: When you join this one please think of a name for your band please Very Happy)
    Link: http://anonymatrix.forumotion.com/t844-was-i-just-another-girl-in-the-crowd

    2) Title: What is she hiding?

    Setting: It’s senior year. The year that ultimately decides where we’re going to college and what we’re doing for the rest of our lives. You’re a bright student-the top of your class in fact-and you’ve had your eyes set on the Ivy Leagues ever since you can remember. However you’re also juggling a part time job and taking care of your mother and sister on top of that. Anyways, things are pretty crazy at home and you’re beyond stressing out so you decide to go to the library to actually get some work done. That’s where we meet. You’ve never seen me around before, even though I tell you I live in the area, and you’re intrigued by the quiet, somewhat mysterious girl. But I have a secret: I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Obviously I don’t make it a known fact right away, but what happens when there’s an undeniable spark between us? Do I tell you my secret? And if I do, do you stay by my side or walk out of my life for good? (Credit to whoever created this)

    Link: http://anonymatrix.forumotion.com/t758-what-is-she-hiding

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