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    Modern Day Royalty Ad [OLD]

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    Modern Day Royalty Ad [OLD]

    Post by AsherJayden on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:58 pm

    Need a girl; using Bentley Linwood bio. Fourth in signature (green)

    Female: You have been marked as Royalty from birth and when you were born, a Prince was chosen for you to Marry. You have never met this prince nor do you know his name. Growing up, you are told stories about my life and where I am living and basically anything you would want to know except my name. As you grew up, the fact of marrying a stranger finally sunk in and you decided to rebel against it. Once Graduation was done with you packed your things and left with a friend.
    Male: I was 3 when my father and mother decided on who I was gonna marry. Once it was settled there was no changing it. They would tell me stories of you and would update on how you were as I grew up but they would never tell me your name no matter how much I begged. As I grew up, I started to realize I didn't want to be forced to marry some stranger so I took off to College/University to start my life out as a normal kid.
    Setting: You(the girl) have now graduated from highschool and have been accepted at UT(university of Tornto), you start the year off ok it's around December, and there is this big Christmas party being thrown at some Rich kids Mansion (Guys) you decide to take a break from studying and go with a couple friends. This is when we meet. Will you soon realize I'm the Prince you're suppose to marry? And if you do will you stay or go?

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