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    Through The eyes of Oblivion

    Faith Wynters
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    Through The eyes of Oblivion

    Post by Faith Wynters on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:14 pm

    “Darkness fell across the land, and nothing was visible. The screams of many filled the air as death was the scent known to many. Once light was restored, all that remained were pools of blood”

    These screams were created by things not of this world. Some called them Demons, others simply said it was god’s will. What we know, is that it wasn’t a beast, but men. Men sent here to lessen the population of 4,932 people still alive on what was know as Earth.

    This is almost 3,000 years after the Aztecs predicted that the world was going to end. All human life was said to be wiped off the planet, but not by anything of this world. These things are silent, and they are very deadly. Using your fears against you to turn you mad before they whisk you away to an unknown dimension.

    “Only darkness has been seen in this dimension. The only black you will see is your death, followed by reincarnation. There is no Heaven or Hell, only pain and misery. When your time comes you will be The Forgotten.”

    Of course, The Forgotten never return. Everything is in ruins, even after 3,000 years there is no advancement in technology. There is the simple life of fear and terror. Of course, Tyrants form governments over the land that is still inhabited. Most keep by the law, but there are others.

    These keep hidden, keep silent. They are scientists, assassins, and doctors. Of course, each has a certain job in the community.

    Only one place lay unscathed in the horror of the other lands. This is where they reside, where they work, where they search.

    There is said to be another apocalypse in only a few hundred years. These unknown species of sight and sound are to return to continue their harvest of the humans. There is research needed to try and stop this, but for now, we must rebuild, restore, and restock the depleting food supply.

    Most are regular civilians, dreading death, but others are The Hidden. The secret ‘society’ made to keep order. They keep hidden from the Tyrant king in hopes of him one day being swept away to the Wastelands. They are the only one that speak of the ones, whisked away as The Forgotten. They are the only ones that know what happen, and that is still unsure. Their words are thought of as the bible. Did this really happen, or was it just another hoax, another way to make money off fear and religion?

    These are all wanted men and woman, sleeping in a single warehouse with a simple entrance on the roof. It is easily hidden to the naked eye of newcomers and other civilian and guards that could patrol. They work swiftly, and they must.

    “Death is a better survey than giving myself up to those who with to destroy what we stand for. No more. This will be done in a few years. There will be peace and safety on this broken planet once again”

    Will you become one of The Hidden? Or will the Fear of dying keep you in line with all the other Civilians?


    The Hidden
    Technician: Mainly keeps in the confines of the hide out. Fixes things broken, and keeps everyone with food, clothes, ect.ect. Keeps a headset on their ear to speak to others that are out in the city: [1]

    Assassins: They are the ones that get their hands dirty. If there are guards that are causing an uproar, they are there to ‘fix’ the problem.-“I have dedicated my life to the study of the Deadly Arts. I can blend in with any crowd, strike from any direction, and eliminate anyone with a single thrust of my blade. I am an assassin, and my actions will be remembered for ages to come”- As a ‘blade in the crowd’ assassins use not much more than skill. They have a hidden blade that with a simple flex of the hand is released for easy use. Of course, for assassins that lack confidence for such equipment, they are given a simple blade.

    Scientists: They are the ones that keep the research going. They keep looking for a way to close off the dimensions. Some have even gone far enough to give themselves up to the beasts, and they have never returned. They are now…The Forgotten.

    Doctors: They are just as their title recommends. They keep everyone in good health, and keep the first aid resupplied.

    Civilians: They have many jobs. Whether they be a Civil Servants-cleaning up the streets, Bakers, farmers, shopkeepers, inn keepers, and blacksmiths.

    Guards: Guards are just as their title implies as well. They guard the ruined city as best they can, only armed with a simple sword. One of the most deadly jobs yet!

    Mercenaries: They are civilians, taking on a world of death. They have trained on their own, and are now sold out to the different groups. Whether it be guarding something, or killing a wanted man, they are paid high prices. That’s their fault, greed. [2]

    NOTE: This is set in the future. When I say there aren’t many technological advances. I simply mean that the normal that we have today is what they have in the setting. There is an exception. Mostly they use short wave radios and things of the such. There are no cell phones, no Volvos, no internet, and NO GUNS…

    P.S. Note: Please, everyone, don’t be the same thing D:


    Technician [1]:
    Assasins [3]: Alix
    Civilians[-]: Faith(Bookshop Owner)

    Note: Civilians can be guards too!

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    Faith Wynters
    The Cuppycakecreep
    The Cuppycakecreep

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    Re: Through The eyes of Oblivion

    Post by Faith Wynters on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:19 pm

    (Number Corresponds with the picture below)
    Character Name(s): Faith Elizabeth Wynters
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Skin Tone: Creamy-pale skin
    Build/Body type: Thin, with no muscle appearance whatsoever.
    Hair Color: Platinum Silver
    Hairstyle: Long, straight, cut straight across at her eyebrows

    Eye Color: Magenta
    Height: 5’3”
    Tattoo: None.

    Hands: A small scar on my left index finger where I cut myself trying to peel an apple when I was young
    Piercings: Ears, Navel, Nose
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
    Relationship Status: Faith keeps mostly to herself when she’s working, and even when she’s having personal times.

    Personality: Faith is very calm when it comes to working. Although when she is with others she can be very bi-polar at times. She is one of the more caring people in town, being more considerate of others. Faith is quiet, liking to read more than speak. She goes by book smarts more than street smarts although she hasn’t seen her parents since she was sixteen.
    Skills: Fast, perfect vision
    Weaknesses: She is very Naïve, because even though she left her parents at an early age, she was still supported by them. Faith does believe that there is good In everyone and tries to bring it out, even if it gets her hurt.
    Weapons: A single blade usually used for cutting open new boxes of books, but is very sharp

    Role: BookStore owner


    Alix Labe
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    Re: Through The eyes of Oblivion

    Post by Alix Labe on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:13 pm

    characters name: alix lavon labe
    body build: fit; muscles are visable
    skin tone: natural tan- he is native american
    eye color: brown
    hair: buzz cut
    hair color: jet black
    facial hair: goatee
    tattoo:a small cross on my left hand between my index figner and thumb
    clothes: blue jeans with a hole above the left knee, black and white niked, and a plain black hoody.
    peircings: diamond stud in my left ear
    sexuality: straight
    personality: very quiet, doesn't work well in groups, doesn't show emotions, will complete any assassination without any questions asked.
    skills: great reflectes, keen eye sight, great agility.
    weakness: will rush into any fight without thinking
    weapon: hidden blade and a small dagger in my shoe.
    Faith Wynters
    The Cuppycakecreep
    The Cuppycakecreep

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    Re: Through The eyes of Oblivion

    Post by Faith Wynters on Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:09 pm

    Hey, yeah, We'll get started when more people join. :]

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    Re: Through The eyes of Oblivion

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