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    Eternal Wings

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    Eternal Wings

    Post by Banather on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:22 am

    First topic message reminder :

    A long long time ago, it was. Before people began to dwell in the sky, a terrible war was raged between us humans and the wicked god. After the horrendous battle, our ancestors entombed the wicked god, and left the polluted and barren earth to find a future in the sky.

    It has been over a thousand years since the War of the Gods. It was a war so terrifying and destructive, that it left the entire earth shattered and torn. In search of a future for mankind, a council of great sorcerers used the power of the evil god Malpercio, to lift the few untainted scraps of land into the sky. On each of the five new continents, large and powerful nations formed.

    Sadal Suud
    The most underdeveloped and traditional of the nations. Mostly covered in forests, even it's capital city, Pherkad, is quite small and peaceful. The people are mostly farmers, ranchers, or tradesfolk.

    Diadem, Land of the Clouds
    A beautiful land shrouded in pink-hued clouds. Despite appearances, Diadem is renowned for it's fearless and skilled knights, as well as their courageous and proud King. It's people are typically superstitious, and mistrusting towards foreigners.

    Anuenue, the Rainbow Nation
    Known for it's School of Magic, Anuenue is a powerful, yet peaceful, nation. Key features of the land are the perpetual rainbows that circle around the eastern tip of the island, and the Celestial Tree, a living, conscious plant larger and more ancient than anything else known to mankind. There is also a magical barrier that surrounds the continent, making it all but impossible for another nation to invade.

    Mira, City of Illusion
    This continent is constantly shifting between the human plane of existence, and an unknown dimension. The only way to access this world is to travel the trail of souls, an extremely dangerous path for those unfamiliar with it. Things and places on this world seem to appear and disappear, without any clue as to where they go.

    Alfard, The Empire of the Flame
    The largest and most powerful nation, known for it's advanced technology known as Machina, it's golden buildings, proud citizens, and democratic rule by emperorship. The land which has not been developed into the massive city of Mintaka, is mostly desert and barren. It boasts a large and well equipped military, however it's people all but completely rejects magic of any kind.

    Underneath all of these continents lies the Taintclouds. These are clouds of poisonous gas and constant electrical activity that make travelling to the earth impossible. Some people even doubt that there is an earth beneath the clouds.

    In the distant past, people relied heavily on magic for everything from helping them with day to day living, to fighting against untold enemies. Following the War of the Gods, magic lost it's potency and use, possibly in relation to the defeat of the god Malpercio. In recent years, it has seen a small increase in use, but is often overlooked in favor of machines.

    As well as magic, there is another practice that has seen a major decline in use. For centuries, people have been able to create "Wings of the Heart", visible and semi-physical projections of a person's own soul. These manifest themselves as wings, hence the name, and their size, shape, and brightness are said to be a direct reflection of the purity of the person's heart. However, their use has become looked down upon by many, in favor of mechanical means of flight, known as Winglets.

    For this RP, you can be from any of the nations. You may choose to use Wings of the Heart, Winglets, or neither. All of us will be part of an expedition in the Sadal Suud forest. We don't know what we are looking for, only that we are being paid a large amount of money. As far as weaponry and technology goes, the people of Alfard use steampunk-like technology, with guns that fire energized projectiles. Everyone else tends to use more traditional weapons, such as swords/spears/bows, etc. Magic is rare, but not out of the question if you want your character to use it.

    Banather - Enlys, Diadem
    Jade Hawk - Klaire, Mira
    ElJordo - Gabriel, Diadem
    Capri - Irides, Anuenue
    Brandon - Takashi, Alfard

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    Re: Eternal Wings

    Post by Brandon on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:37 pm

    I'm here. Haha don't trash it! I was looking forward to using that character. I like this bio haha

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    Re: Eternal Wings

    Post by Allen on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:38 pm

    Meh. Wing it. For teh lulz.
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    Re: Eternal Wings

    Post by Jade Hawk on Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:56 pm

    Yeah, like Allen said, just wing it!

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    Re: Eternal Wings

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