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    Welcome to Hell on Earth (Redo)

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    Welcome to Hell on Earth (Redo)

    Post by mexicanjesus117 on Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:05 pm

    Buffering...(fuzzy screen turning solid)....My name is John Rowe.The year is 2012.The dead are rising and coming back and getting poeple. We need help, Anyone out there..Please come to the Alymra Arkansas water tower. We need help now!(noise in background) SHIT JOHN THERE IN!! FUCK RUN!(gunshots in background) WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!...ITS GOT ME (blood curdling scream)AHHHHH(blood spatters on screen)...END TRANSMISSION.

    I stared at the screen. I had come to the old almyra water tower after hearing a transmission over the radio of people calling for help.apparently i was to late.

    My name is Tim. Tim Midkiff.And this is the zombie apocalypse.

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