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    New Beginning Ad [OLD]

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    New Beginning Ad [OLD]

    Post by MikeyMike on Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:32 pm

    Your history: You've lived in (insert town name here) all your life and grew up with everyone in it, along with your pretty large family. You've always been quiet, but you used to have a goofy side to you. You work at the local bike shop as the manager. You used to ride yourself, compete and everything, had sponsors, you were quite the big deal as well as your best friend (insert friends name here). Until one day after a party on your way home you got in a car accident killing (Insert same friends name here). Since then you've been walking around with a cloud over your head and you became an insomniac.
    My history: I just graduated from school and decided I couldn't take my mother anymore so I ventured out to see my dad, his new wife and newborn daughter. I wasn't looking forward to it, in fact I only came on impulse. But all my life I've been forced to study, study, study. There was no time for parties, friends and all that fun stuff. My parents divorce hit me the wrong way messing up my sleep pattern with their late night fighting, so I am too an insomniac.
    Story: So I'm new to town and landed a job at my step-moms boutique on the boardwalk right next to the bike shop. It's late at night long after the boardwalk has cleared and I'm out for a stroll when we meet. Will the stories unfold? Will you show me around town? Who knows what this summer has in store for the both of us as two loners venture out on a quest to give a second chance at a deserved childhood.

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