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    Sirabsipon Tzepamus [Tobias Walker]

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    Update Sirabsipon Tzepamus [Tobias Walker]

    Post by Dream Rationally on Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:22 pm

    Character Bio

    Original Name: Sirabsipon Tzepamus
    Chosen Name: Tobias Walker
    Age: 20 (may vary)
    Sex: Male

    Species: Angel
    Nationality: British (slight accent)
    Skin color: His skin is fair, lightly toned, it fits his appearance.
    Tattoo: Tribal angel on his back. [Will have a link]
    Height: 6'4"
    Build: His body is quite slim but his shoulders are broad. His muscles are strong but not bulky, making him appear much weaker than he is.
    Weight: 176
    Hair (color/style): His hair is medium length, a pitch black color, [Will have a link]
    Eyes: A light grey color almost white in appearance, piercing in nature.

    Hat: None
    Shades/glasses: He wears thinly rimmed black glasses.
    Jewerly/peircings: A very simple ring lip piercing.
    Coat/Jacket: A white coat [Will have a link]
    Top: A white dress shirt and a black vest, if anything just the shirt.
    Bottom: Relatively tight black jeans.
    Shoes: Comfortable shoes, usually Vans.

    About Character
    Relationship status: Single
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Often quiet and calm he can come across as very cocky and arrogant, making him quite disliked by most. Though if you break through his shell he becomes a completely different person and the few who have worked their way into his life he protects with his very being.
    Hobbies: Painting, sculpting, sketching, but most of all playing the piano.
    Background: Tobias was born into a family of Angels known for being loyal to the higher powers and ferocious hunters of dark creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and demons. He strayed from that path and his family saw him as a failure. Long ago came to terms with the fact that he will always be different and that many of those he meets will want to kill him. His species makes him heavily disliked by all dark creatures. However because he does not serve the higher power that his family does, they dislike him just as much. He keeps to himself and just tries to get by.
    His older sister is one of the strongest members of his family and he often crosses paths with her. Though she has not yet convinced him to come back home.
    Powers: Flight (his wings) and the ability to use his aura to form weapons or shields depending on the situation. However this power very quickly uses up his energy.
    Preferred weapon: His power is his primary weapon.

    Thought I might as well get a character posted on here so I dug up one of my old ones and updated him.
    Hopefully I'll get into one or two role plays with him so I can warm up again.

    **Note** This bio will be updated once I can post external links

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    Update Re: Sirabsipon Tzepamus [Tobias Walker]

    Post by Allen on Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:15 am

    Tobias eh'? There's a name you don't hear very often

    Lots of people like angels I've noticed. Personally I don't understand why, old depictions of Angels, especially Archangels depict them as being kind of dicks. Who burn people alive for looking at them and have eyes growing inside of the whites around the pupils of their eyes. Also spinning wheel of fire. With eyes on them.

    Are you writing a Role-play for the character or just posting a preferred one up?
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    Update Re: Sirabsipon Tzepamus [Tobias Walker]

    Post by Dream Rationally on Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:38 pm

    I don't really remember how long ago it was that I created Tobias. A very long time, a year or two now I believe.
    The name just kind of stuck.

    The same went for his species. I created him at a time when I was really into the idea so I didn't feel like changing him around completely. *Shrug*

    I'm just posting a character that I'd most likely use, with slight variations to his bio depending on the setting.
    I've got a couple more sitting in my files but they'll eventually make their way on here.

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    Update Re: Sirabsipon Tzepamus [Tobias Walker]

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