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    Adaliea May Raindead

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    Adaliea May Raindead

    Post by PaintedEye on Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:09 pm

    Character Bio

    Name: Adaliea May Raindead
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female

    Species: Modern Formed Human
    Ethnic: Australian
    Skin color: Spring to summer: Lightly Tan. Fall-Winter: Albino albino
    Tattoo: On my left shoulder where nobody can see, there is a Crucifix.
    Scars: There's a scar on my lower back from surgery. Theres another scar going down from behind the top of my right ear, down to my left shoulder blade. This was from a demonic spirit attempting to stab me with a knife.
    Height: 5'5
    Build: Short and muscular.
    Weight: 143
    Hair (color/style): Dark brown, appears to be black. My hair comes down about mid-way to my ribs. Every summer, I highlight my hair bright blonde, and light brown. In the winter, it gets dyed back to its original color.
    Eyes: I have extremely noticeable grey eyes. It's the first thing most people notice when they see my face.

    Hat: A cowboy hat with a black feather in it. My grandmother gave it to me, right before she passed away.
    Shades/glasses: None. I can handle the sun. ;D
    Jewerly/peircings: A brown leather bracelet with arrow shaped slits (left wrist), and a braided horse hair bracelet (right wrist).
    Coat/Jacket: A pink rain jacket.
    Top: I'm always wearing either my black or white short sleeved t-shirt, my Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) t, or a Hunger games shirt.
    Bottom: Skinny jeans, khaki capris, or my denim shorts.
    Shoes: Either my black cowgirl boots, or my grey converse.

    About Character
    Relationship status: Single.
    Sexuality: Straight..
    Personality: I'm shy, I keep to myself about a TON of things.. I'm patient and kind.. except for sometimes when things slip out of my mouth by accident.
    Hobbies: Drawing, archery, hiking, horseback riding, reading(not obsessive), and just enjoying nature.
    Background/secret: I was born into a very dysfunctional family as a reject child. Our small cramped house soon became infested with demonic spirits. One day, I stared at a shimmering purple mist, and turned it into a banshee. That night, my father fell ill. As the banshee sung to it, minutes before his death, he told me that one year after his passing I would receive special powers, and to use them wisely. The years up until now, I have used my powers to save my family, and to bring help into this world.
    Powers: Can bring book/movie/anything made up into the real world. Shapeshifter
    Prefered weapon: Bow and arrow.
    Medical disorder: scoliosis.
    Al THLDI
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    Re: Adaliea May Raindead

    Post by Al THLDI on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:49 am

    :O Australian Very Happy Nice
    Maybe we can roleplay some time !

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