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    :: Always Running ::

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    :: Always Running ::

    Post by Kiana247 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:42 pm

    Plot: You were a normal person. Normal life, normal feautures... until you decided to sign up as a test subject. You have been locked up and given a shot... As you anxiously wait for the side effects, it happens. You are changing. Before you could realize what was happening, scientists rushed in with guns and swat shields. You can't think of anything else to do, so you break out of your cage and run. Run far away. Stick together, you think, looking at the others. Just stick together...

    Neko:: Half cat, half human. Having cat ears and a tail, these creatures are bad at blending in. They are usually well-tempered and shy, but mysterious (cough-like a cat-cough)

    Werewolves: Taking the form of a human, these creatures look somewhat normal. They usually can shift to wolves at will, but on full moons, they cannot control their transformation. Personalities vary.

    Shape-shifter: Takes the form of anything they wish, and are usually gifted/cursed with a special power. Personalities vary.

    Vampire: Looks like a normal human, but somewhat pale and darker haired. They do not burn in sunlight, but are very sensitive to it. Vampires do not need to feast on blood to survive, but they are very drawn to it.

    Angel: Are very beautiful beings. They look human, but have wings on their backs and can fly. Angels can summon animals and also can read minds.

    Demon: Look human, but possess black or red wings on their backs. Demons can summon animals through manipulation (mind control) and can read minds. Generally do not like Angels (go figure).

    1.) DO NOT make any characters you will forget about/not play.
    2.) Make an even amount of genders, (1boy:1girl ratio)
    3.) No cussing, please. Enough said.
    4.) No details about youknowwhat. Just say like, fades to black, or something. The secret word is Immortal.
    5.) Please do not make this roleplay all about love, okay? I'm not saying your character can't fall in love, but don't make it all about that.
    6.) No dating your own characters. Thanks.

    Full Name :
    Nickname :
    Age :
    Gender :
    Crush :
    Bf/Gf :
    Creature :
    Special Power (Only Shape-Shifters) :
    Looks(Pic or Description) :
    Secret Word(Found In Rules) :
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    Re: :: Always Running ::

    Post by Kiana247 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:58 pm

    My Characters

    Full Name : Destiny Alexadria White
    Nickname : Dessie
    Age : 17
    Gender : Female
    Crush : ...
    Bf/Gf : ...
    Creature : Angel
    Special Power (Only Shape-Shifters) : N/A
    History: It's Complicated.. if I like you, you'll hear about it.
    Personality: Destiny is a generally happy person. She loves children, but she won't be able to talk to any more because of her transformation. Dessie is very open to new things and people and she loves a challenge. Destiny likes to meet new people, especially Demons. She is oddly fascinated by them. Just one look into her eyes, and you will want to be with her forever.
    Looks(Pic or Description) : Destiny has gently curled brown hair with light brown eyes. She has a fair skin-tone and rounded eyes. She is tall and slender, and has nice posture. She is very delicate looking, but is tough as it gets.
    Secret Word(Found In Rules) : I made this, and I don't want to give it away.

    Full Name: Cole Steven Horton
    Nickname: Cole..?
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Crush: ...
    BF/GF: ...
    Creature: Werewolf
    Special Power: N/A
    History: He can't remember.
    Personality: Cole is very introverted. He speaks only to those he knows he can trust and he sticks up for those people. Once you can get past his walls, he is a super sweet guy. He can be funny and sensitive, but first you have to make the effort. It's worth it, believe me.
    Looks: Cole has dirty blonde hair that is usually swept to the side. His eyes are a deep blue with specks of light green. He is tall, but built. Is wolf form is brown with white specks across his back. His eyes are the same color. He is a very strong-looking guy on the outside, but rather soft on the inside.
    Secret Word: Same.
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    Re: :: Always Running ::

    Post by Avalon on Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:52 pm

    ooc: I'd love to join! But I'm still a bit unsure about what the 'secret word' thing means. Plus it might take me a little while to adapt my bio. All the special characters look so interesting!
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    Re: :: Always Running ::

    Post by Alexis on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:04 pm

    I may be interested as well, but could I suggest evening out the options maybe? Right now shape-shifter has all the perks of werewolf, neko, and more but no downsides. Where as vampires don't seem to have any perks at all, just bad stuff. It could also help is you gave more specifics as to location, setting, that sort of thing so people know what you expect. Just some ideas, it's your roleplay and you do what you want with it. I'll try and come up with a bio soon.

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    Re: :: Always Running ::

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