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    The sick twists of destiny.

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    The sick twists of destiny. Empty The sick twists of destiny.

    Post by Faith Wynters on Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:50 pm

    Destiny is on a schedule. Everyday, destiny has a quota to make.  Each day there must be a certain number of births and deaths, no matter the cost. Of course, most of their deaths come from common things: a heart attack here, an allergic reaction there. There's always something that cuts the silver thread of life.  

    There's no way that afterlife could make the quota with natural death alone.Everything is planned to the last moment to make sure everything is perfect. Humans, however are very unpredictable and sometimes, even destiny can't see what they'll do. When things like that happen, someone has to die. There is no grace from death. Usually its a very easy swap, one life for another. To make up for their life, those who die 'unexpectedly' on destiny's terms are used a little bit longer. They are kept on to assist destiny in exchange for their soul remaining on Earth. They're technically 'dead' they just occupy their bodies to assist afterlife interworkings. They still have a spiritual connection with the afterlife so they've got a leg up, but they're just like the rest of the living.  

    This is where we come in. You have a pretty average life. Being fresh out of law school, you work at quite the law firm. You've just really begun your life. You're making the money and with the money comes the high maintenance girlfriend. You met while you were still a wild college kid, she was much better back then. She's beautiful and although she's not the smartest, she's something solid in your life right now.  

    I, on the other hand, have just graduated from music school. I like writing and playing for a crowd. Believe it or not, I'm actually pretty successful. I am very happy being single in my little apartment, spending my nights either watching movies or hanging out at one of the local bars with my friends.  

    This is where we tie together. You are expected to meet your girlfriend out for an expensive evening dinner. You plan to propose to her. You get caught by your boss on the way out of the office and you're late getting home to get ready. Therefore, you're late heading out to dinner. Destiny has planned that you are to die right outside of the restaurant you are meant to be at. Being late, that plan has to change.

    I am on my way to a get together with some of my friends. Unlike you, I am punctual, crossing the street when you were supposed to and making it closer to my end. Instead of the rich lawyer getting mugged, I am pulled into the alleyway at knife point. Of course I scream and fight back to get stabbed when I try to run. I am left to die in the alleyway, safety having only been about ten feet away.  

    When you finally make it to the restaurant, you are surprised to find a crowd having gathered in the alleyway next door. You stop only for a few moments to find out that a girl had been mugged and killed only a few minutes earlier. It shakes something in you, something changes. Although to go onward to your dinner, you keep the ring in your pocket; you don't propose to your girlfriend. Instead, you ask her to move in with you.  

    Now in the afterlife, I have been taken on as a guardian. Guardians are used to watch over the interests of those that are meant for something greater in their lives. I am sent, to watch over you, the man who is ultimately responsible for my death. The man that was supposed to die. As strange as that sounds to me, I have to swallow every bit of hatred I have towards you and somehow integrate myself into your life.  

    Now if I hate you so much, why am I helping you? The punishment for failure is my soul being lost forever, with no chance of reincarnation. So I'm stuck helping you, for my own sake. What exactly I'm helping you with yet, I don't know. I start by answering the ad in the newspaper for a full-time maid since your girlfriend has accepted your request and moved in with you. She has already informed you that she doesn't cook or clean. Other than that, I don't know what to expect.  

    Was my death really a swift turn of destiny to help you towards your own happy life? Or was my death just an accident the afterlife has used to it's advantage? Let's find out.

    The sick twists of destiny. Cow10

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