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    Blizzardia rp!! (Still need a guy)

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    Blizzardia rp!! (Still need a guy) Empty Blizzardia rp!! (Still need a guy)

    Post by Savannah on Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:36 am

    Welcome to the realm of Blizzardia a mythical realm separate from the human world. A realm that is connected to all the other realms by a gate that is safely guarded by a gatekeeper. He protects the people that enter and exit as well as make sure the things that don’t belong stays out. It’s a beautiful world where there’s magic, mystery and everything can happen. It’s also a unique world as to the time in the realm moves slower than in the human world. Since the time moves slower it is obvious that the living style and the way they act is different. It’s almost as if they live in the medieval times, as in the ways the act, speak, and dress. Also the kind of respect they have for others.

    Blizzardia was a beautiful and magical world until about 100 years ago. When the rascillian’s felt like the border’s separating Blizzardia and their Shadow lands was unfair on their side. So they started a war wanting not just their land but to turn all of Blizzardia into darknest, into their shadow land. Well the Blizzardian’s would not have it and went into this war with no idea the strength the rascillian’s had. For years the blizzardian’s started losing hope of defeating the Rascillian’s until a Magician found a prophecy of a child that’s said to be the savior of the land to defeat the Rascillian’s. It’s said the child would belong the prince and princess of Blizzardia. So in order to fulfill this prophecy and to deliver the unborn child out of harm and fear that the Rascillian’s would kill the child. The prince and princess escaped through the gate and into the Human realm.

    About 10 years (30 years in human world) after the prince and princess disappeared the war drastically changed for the worst for the Blizzardian’s. The king and queen of the realm was killed and more and more knights were getting killed by the hands of the Rascillian’s. Many Blizzardian’s went into hiding. Well it was said that centuries ago a necklace was forged for the very first savior of blizzardia. It is said to have magical powers to detect a savior’s blood. It’s a necklace of white opal stone that has another smaller opal stone dangle from the middle of the stone and two Celtic crescent moons fastened on either side of the large stone. (Necklace: It’s said that the necklace will take you to the area where the savior is and glows when it is near the rightful owner.

    Where do you and I fit in to this? Well you are one of the few knights that are left and are assigned the task of going through the gates to find the prince, princess and their child the Savior and bring them back to take back Blzzardia. So with the necklace in hand you travel through the gate with the help of the gate keeper on your quest to find the savior. Where do I come in? I am the child the so call Savior you are looking for. A normal college student who lives in tennesse working a bar to pay the bills. A normal girl who only ever thought of the place you come from to be a story her mother would tell her at bedtime.


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