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    Genevieve Snyder

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    Genevieve Snyder

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    Character Chart
    Character’s full name: Genevieve Snyder
    Reason or meaning of name:  Her mother had the name chosen for Genevieve even before her conception. Her mother had chosen the name when she was still a young child because she thought it sounded “sweet, but sophisticated”
    Character’s nickname: Gen or Genna
    Reason for nickname: Before she could really learn how to spell it, her name was shortened to just ‘Genna’ which, at least for her family, never stuck. Any quaintances end up shortenening her name to Gen, which she hates, or Genna, simply because they’re too lazy to say her full name. She would much prefer others call her by her full name though.

    General Information
    Age: 21
    Birth date: June 26th
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Sexuality: Genevieve has never had the chance to explore her sexuality. She has been away from most people most of her life. She has never been in a romantic relationship before.

    Physical appearance
    How old does he/she appear: 18 or 19
    Weight: 128lbs
    Height:  5’7”
    Body build: Genevieve has long legs that meet a slightly curvaceous body. She isn’t flat chested, but she isn’t well endowed either. She has arms that match her legs and long, thin fingers. She would say she’s average.
    Eye color:  Green
    Glasses or contacts: Genevieve wears contacts most of the time, but on occasion, she will wear glasses.
    Skin tone: Milky cream color. She burns very easily in the sun and finds it very hard to tan.
    Hair color: White
    Type of hair: Very thick and course
    Hairstyle: (See picture) Very long, she doesn’t cut it often
    Voice: Genevieve has a sort of nasally tone to her voice, but overall she is soft and quiet.
    Usual fashion of dress: During the winter, Genevieve likes to wear sweaters with any type of pant usually. In the summer, her style varies from shorts and a t-shirt to tank tops with jeans. She can stand any weather in a dress though.
    Outfits: (I included them all because I wasn’t sure what season it was)
    Jewelry or accessories: She wears a locket that was left with her by her father. She was only to receive it after she came home from her first transformation.
    Genevieve's Locket:

    Personality: Genevieve is nice to most in passing. She would rather be kept alone. Because of her upbringing, she is very careful around others and tries to maintain distance from as many people as possible. However being new to the underground (see history) she is slightly naïve to the ways and could possibly be led on to do things if she believes it will help her.
    Mood character is most often in: Living a normal life has left Genevieve in mostly an average mood. She can get very stressed with her work and her shifting, but other than that, she’s pretty chill
    Sense of humor: Sarcastic humor
    Drives and motivations: Find out how to control her powers and successfully blend into her surroundings to have a normal life.

    Species: Half Were-tiger, half Shaman
    Genevieve's Were form:
    Abilities: Genevieve cannot morph into her were form willingly. While her mother has tried to help her learn the ways of were, she seems different. If overly stressed or excited, Genevieve unwillingly morphs into her tiger form. She is also forced the morph at the full moon. Her form is not as strong as a full blooded were, but stronger than the average tiger.
    She is also able to morph into other types of felines by her father’s Shaman blood. While she can control this a little better (because of her training with Belneiros; see history) and morph willingly into other feline forms, there are cases when she gets caught in her feline instincts and is unable to pull herself out of the form. The longer she is in the form, the harder it is for her to pull herself out. In some cases, the only way is through mental exhaustion.
    Weaknesses: Silver only stuns Genevieve, it does not kill her, but she can be killed by other means.
    Weapons: Genevieve is skilled with using knives, but has never fired a gun in her life. She has a specially made dagger given to her by Belneiros when she left that she keeps with her always.
    Her Dagger:
    History: Genevieve grew up was a somewhat average life. The daughter of what she assumed was a single mother; she did well in school and fit in as the quiet girl. She never felt that her mother kept secrets from her, but always found it odd that there was night a month that she would go out and not return until the morning after. When she first turned at the full moon when she was thirteen and only then did all of her abilities awaken within her. Soon after, her mother sent her, as instructed, across the country to the hidden home of Belneiros. She was forced to stay with him to ‘learn the ways of the Shaman’ and for the longest time, hated it. She just wanted to be normal, but living in a hidden home in the middle of the forest slowly grew on her. She stayed with him until he thought she was ready to go into the world. While she hadn’t completely mastered the Shaman magic, roadblocks caused by her hybrid species caused their training to end almost seven years later. He taught her all he could and sent her to the city in search of the underground. Although in the city now, she still has not found time to go to the underground. It turned out being much harder to survive on her own than she had anticipated. She first got a job at as a veterinary clinic secretary and awhile after found a job at an animal shelter. While it doesn’t make her super rich, what little money her father left her with Belneiros and what bit he pitched in has left her a nice bit of savings for a rainy day.

    Mother: Haera
    Relationship with her: Some of the first memories Genevieve has is of her mother reading her books as a child. Although Genevieve left home a little after she turned fourteen, her mother has always been an important person in Genevieve’s life. Being full Werecat from a very large tribe, it was frowned upon to breed outside of the tribes within the area. Haera left her tribe when she became pregnant with Genevieve because the father was a Shaman she had met on one of her trips into the underground. She moved into the city, and tried to have a normal life.
    Father: Anatole
    Relationship with him: Genevieve had no real relationship with her father. She is, partways, still searching for him. As a Shaman, he was unwelcome amongst the men of Haera’s tribe. For that, after he found out of her conception, he got her a place in the city and tried to be there for her. Unfortunatly, Anatole was called upon to help with other problems in other parts of the world (that even Haera is unsure about) and left for his adventure. He never returned as expected. He left Genevieve a few things to help her when she became of age. The locket that she now wears was given to her when she had her first transformation, and a note telling her to go find a long friend of his, Belneiros for assistance that her mother could not give her.
    Siblings: None
    Spouse: None
    Children:  None
    Important Others?: Belneiros
    Relationship with him: When they first met, Genevieve hated him. While he was mildly fond of the quiet fire that Genevieve had, they weren’t really friends. Through patience Belneiros was able to create a respectful girl. She is like a daughter to him and either would do anything for the other.

    Optimist or pessimist? A little of both
    Introvert or extrovert? Introvert
    Daredevil or cautious? Raised to be very cautious
    Logical or emotional? More logical, but her problems center around her emotions
    Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Methodical and neat
    Prefers working or relaxing? Working
    Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure
    Animal lover? Well duh

    Relationships with others
    Opinion of other people in general: Most people Genevieve feels that she cannot trust. There is no one in the human world that knows her problems and no one that she can tell. For now, she feels that she is alone so anyone could blow her cover. No one can be trusted.
    Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? Most of the time, if she can swing it, Genevieve likes to keep to herself. If she can avoid a conversation in the subway, then she will avoid that conversation in the subway. She has to really truly trust someone to be able to be honest with them.
    Person character goes to for advice: Belneiros
    Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Her mother, Haera
    Person character feels shy or awkward around: Most of the people she works with and any humans she is around.
    Most important person in character’s life before story starts:  Belneiros

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